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The Elaborated Guide for Mens Tailored Suits

19 Aug, 2013


Everyone knows the value of a well custom-made suit, especially those who are working in corporate sector! The current instance in the world of men’s fashion contest is so much taut amongst the lots of bespoke tailors who are available in the marketplace.

Highly experienced and awarded custom Bangkok tailors are in a better position of designing custom suits that can best suit you at affordable prices. When the tailors develop the outfits then they consider the following specifications:


The most important element of men’s suits is the fabric that is used both in tailoring and fashion designing. You can select several styles, designs and patterns as per your requirements but it is the fabric that decides the appearance, feel and value of the suit. There are various types of textile (fabric) available in the market :

•    Linen •    Tweed •    Herringbone •    Flannel •    Cotton •    Cashmere •    Polyester


Custom Tailor do the uphill struggle to balance the shape and cut, it is important to keep in mind that outfit are not too tight or too loose. Cuts are mainly defined in two types: •    Double-breasted suits •    Single-breasted suits


“Jacket” an outer item of clothing, covers the body either to the waist or the hips. Here is a preview of the current trend of custom made jackets: •    Front buttons: For the jacket buttons are displayed on front side, single-breasted suits have only two or three buttons and Double-breasted jackets have only half their outer buttons. •    Lapels: lapels have 3 types like as notched lapel, peaked lapel, shawl lapel.


The Trouser is an outer piece of clothing covering the body from the waist to the ankles. It is tailored according to size and wearing it with jacket. In ancient times men prefer loose but in modern age group they prefer fit i.e. no loose and no tight. They are also named as pants and slacks.


The tuxedo is the summit of the formal wear dressings for a man. It is a formal evening suit and specially designed for wedding or other more important function. These types of suits are commonly worn with a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories. It is mostly used in formal dinner parties and receptions.


The Topcoat an outer coat of paint. It is defined as a long coat or lightweight overcoat. Topcoats are medium-length custom-made coats that are made of wool, cashmere or a blend of the two famed fabrics.