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Top 8 Things to Do Things in Bangkok

26 May, 2014

Admire the Buddha’s Inspiration For a city high on spiritual inspiration and symbols the Buddha fills all consciousness and presence. In almost all areas his revered presence is an assurance of calm and divinity. Buddha temples aren’t just architectural marvels they are an essential way of Thai life.

Soak in the Local Flavors

Be it fashion, cuisine, architecture, culture or technological marvels Bangkok, like as with most major tourist destinations there’s always a lot riding on the tourists mind like seeing all high points and interesting attractions. Travel and seeing new places seems to bring in people to try out new things and to experience the thrill of the new adventures and prospects. Thailand offers unprecedented flavors and sights.

Hop on the BTS

Landmarks are often the safest and easiest way to get around any new foreign jaunt or trip. They often point out the new interesting nature and look of the place and its inherent character. BTS is an inherent attribute to the city and takes you places showing all interesting and important landmarks. Buy Custom Suits and Fashionable Clothing


It’s almost impossible to imagine visiting Bangkok without the wonderful trip to the Sukhumvit Soi 3-11. This is like the grand legacy of the Savile Row in England which opened a whole approach to modern suit crafting. Sukhumvit, Bangkok strip of land in Thailand boasts of a pioneering tradition crafting impeccable and immaculate custom tailor suit pieces of angelic quality. The unique selling proposition of Sukhumvit lies in quality at affordable rates of Bangkok master tailors.

Experience the Thai New Year

If in Thailand during the New Year celebrations (Songkran Festival) being part of this revered festival is a lifetime memory. The Thai New Year is an opportunity for new beginnings and most revered day in Thai calendar.

Explore the Cultural Scape of the City

With a mix of cultures and traditions the city offers an array of mixed heritage in a harmony of existence. Shopping and The extraordinary presence of the best and versatile shopping malls offering all local and foreign inspired products and brands gives one and all the opportunity and reason for a pleasurable shopping experience. Nevertheless, the overall experience remains the call of the adventure prone enthusiast.