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Explore Sukhumvit Shopping and Drive Great Bargains

02 Jun, 2014

Sukhumvit Shopping: A Guide to Malls & Bespoke Tailoring

Each time one steps into a great city an inspiring nostalgic feeling comes calling asking one to explore its fascinating attractions. There is always an attractive attribute about a city or its part that will stay with you for some time. Sukhumvit combines the intoxicating allure of its opulent shopping malls, shops, arcades, streets, and roadside stalls to keep the visitor occupied with some form of interest he / she best prefers. What is the most attractive aspect about Sukhumvit that will make the tourist wish to come back again and again? Some are just significant and special to the place.

Elegance and Exoticism at Terminal 21

A great landmark and inescapable in Sukhumvit avails all the famous brands and services with the convenience of shopping, massages and relaxation. Or perhaps the need for weekend getaway from it all, the hotel attached to Sukhumvit’s latest shopping can be a great relaxer.     

Discover the Asian Suit Mavericks


This is the true home for the remake of the Savile Row (England) in Asia. The Asian influences on modern fashion cannot be overlooked, yet traditional custom suits and bespoke tailoring finds pride of place here as its preferred home.

Find some Unique Artifacts

Bangkok and indeed Thailand are bustling with a new wave of high end shopping mall culture. However, mixed with a unique local flavor, buying great traditional items that make it seems a little different.

Shop in Sukhumvit Arcade

There are places so inconspicuous with their appearance that, however on deeper probe throw up surprises. This landmark shopping area has all the mixture for great and affordable shopping as well as an encounter with cultural sides of Bangkok in souvenirs and artifacts. There are many elegant and glitzy shopping malls and districts but the combination of the exotic and the local esteems a special flavor that’s only unique to this place but resonates all through Thailand.