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Tom's Fashion - Top Quality Custom Suits

30 Sep, 2013

 Quality has many parameters or bases that often times it is what we make of it or assume (accept) it to be like. Bangkok fashion tailors are a unique breed of quality conscious and customer friendly tailors that set their services a mark above the ordinary street tailor.  Custom tailored suits are a unique way to make a statement in apparel and clothing that sets the tone for an image definition. Thailand tailors adopt methods like hand stitching of fabrics, multiple checks for flaws in handiwork, personal approach from designing to cutting of suit fabrics, a comprehensive option in a variety of fabrics and materials, and an abiding faith their skillful master crafters. A few things stand out on the expert tailored suits of Thailand.

Wide Range of Fabric Choices.

A good suit can never be mistaken especially from the quality and range of fabrics available. With an in-depth understanding and options in quality fabrics available, tailors in Thailand set a standard of quality that is high and exceptional. From a choice ranging from tweed and cashmere and all types woolen fabrics and silks, cotton, polyester, flannels, Thailand tailors ensure your suit meets the exact standard for its wearer.

Personal Approach to Suit Design.

Every body type has varied needs in the design and right cut for the best suit style. Thailand tailors ensure that for every suit need a personal and comprehensive process to get the exact needs of the clients is undertaken which ensures a perfect suit quality. In each stage of the process clients inputs and ideas are kept in mind for the ultimate suit design the customer seeks. Whether it’s a traditional, contemporary, conservative or European design’s the client’s choice is paramount and final.

Hand stitched and sewn.

Engaging to produce a unique and perfect custom suit takes skill and craft like hand sewn button holes, hand sewn sleeves and collar, intricate pattern embroidery of name or initials among others to gift your suit a truly unique look and feel. The necessity to make a suit that is specific to a particular taste and client takes time but equally is an investment in image transformation.

Perfect Matching and Fitting.

Quality ensures that every detail and part of the suit making process is addressed to meet the customers need in the best possible way. From the choice of the fabrics to the matching of buttons and all necessary articles it is a meticulous process in creating masterpieces in art on fabrics. The process of fitting is addressed with a definitive approach to ensure that the client’s measurements are exact and precise. This guarantees the suit has limited or no flaws (mistakes). With a passion for excellence the standard set by Tom's fashion is truly remarkable and appreciable.