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Tom's Fashion - Bespoke Suits

07 Oct, 2013

Discover the Benefits of Bespoke Suits at Tom's Fashion

Bespoke suits have been in existence for quite a while. For as long as man wishes to make a good impression on his peers and friends a bespoke suit has always lent and given a powerful image transformation that most men seek. Unlike an off the shelf suit (off the rack) or direct purchase from a departmental store, there are clear advantages in possessing a custom suit from the best tailors in Thailand.

Among the most important or visible benefits and advantages are;

1-Custom Made:

Bespoke suits are customized to a particular body type, shape and are therefore specific and definitive. At times, though in rare instances one two or more orders may resemble but there’s always a possibility of difference in character or personality traits, profession or career, body posture and shape that the expert tailor is interested to understand and study deeper through personal interaction with the expert tailor. This creates a custom suit made for a specific client.

2-Image Transformation:

Thailand suits give an image enhancement that a regular off the rack suit cannot match as a lot of effort goes into their manufacture and making. The seemingly minute details like hand button hole crafting, hand collar and sleeve stitching, hand sewn initials of particular customer on the inner suit jacket, reinforced inner cuff of the pants for longer life, matched linings and buttons transform a custom suit wearers image favorably and distinctively.

3- Superior Quality:

When one spends a lot of money in making custom suit it should reflect the quality and value it claims to have. Bangkok tailors give a wide choice of fabrics, designs and cuts to make the custom suits from, emphasise the customer’s choice as final and a regular contact with the client to ensure timely finishing and shipping of the order. Quality stems not just from the fabrics but intricate workmanship and customer care service to make a superior suit visible and admirable. The experience should instill in the customer satisfaction and the confidence for a future collaboration.

4-Reliability and Durability

The purpose for getting a custom tailored suit is to get value (cost maximization) and the benefit to enjoy wearing the custom suit for some time. It may happen an off the rack suit is cheaper but not as durable and reliable. The materials, fabrics used, workmanship and other such aspects not rendered deeper or as much focus.

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