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English Shirt Fabrics Brand in the World

22 May, 2017

Elevate Your Style with Thomas Mason Shirt Fabrics

Thomas Mason- Strolling through History

Fighting his way through Industrial Revolution, Thomas Mason began his journey in English textile industry in 1750s. Back then, textile products involved hand spinning which were then converted into fabrics using handlooms. Foreseeing the bloom that the revolution was going to bring, Mason founded one of the first cotton fabric factories in Leeds in 1796.

The Victorian Era maximized the expansion of British Empire, also in terms of textile industry, particularly the brand founded by Thomas Mason making it a “benchmark for male elegance”. In fact, the growth of the company solidified it as leading supplier in London confirming the city as the capital of men’s elegance at that time. Thomas Mason’s fabrics drew their inspiration from Royal families and aristocrats that defined sophistication and royalty of the English style.

After making its way through these two important eras, the world faced the First World War. Although, the entire world was suffering from its impact, Thomas Mason became a ray of hope for the pilots who wore densely woven cotton suits that prevented the airmen for heat and exposure which became waterproof on coming in contact with the sea. Hence, Thomas Mason served as a savior for many airmen and indirectly became supreme contributor to the war.

Having continued delivering the aristocratic style between the two wars, it was then in 1936 that Thomas Mason became the exclusive supplier for the shirt maker of English Royalty- Turnbull and Asser. The company grew with time by making colorful, designer shirts that endorsed unique patterns like that of striped and checked that boasted of the stylish side of men.

A new chapter

Finally, in 1992, Thomas Mason was bought by a famous Italian Albini Family. Even after 26 years of acquisition, Thomas Mason is able to maintain its rich collection through rich and colorful double twisted fabrics, crafted using the exceptional Giza 45 (longest, thinnest, strongest and most has the best uniformity index cotton) and Giza 87 (White, bright, silky and extra long) Egyptian cotton and the refined linen from Normandy.

When the best ends meet - Tom's Fashion and Thomas Mason

Like we always say that it is the best quality shirts that we believe in delivering to our clients. Thus, we use rich fabrics by Thomas Mason that is characterized by double twisted fabrics, crafted using only the finest yarns from the extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. The fabrics have a 120/2 thread count that itself talks about the silky feeling it gives.

Our Sukhumvit tailors have supreme ideas for your shirts that they design with utmost care and precaution. The creativity of our tailors blend with the colorful and imaginative fabrics of Thomas Mason to bring out the astounding shirts.

Like Ralph Lauren has aptly said:
“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.”

Our wide and assorted range of Thomas Mason fabrics when shaped into fine designs look no less than a princely dream for men. You can get your hands on these fabrics at any point of the day at our store. They are colorful and available in different pattern such a plain, checked, dotted, striped etc. Those fabrics will even have Thomas Mason label that reflect the authenticity of the fabric being used to design the shirt of your choice. What really adds the glam to these fabrics are the classic stitching techniques of our tailors that emancipates the style, flow of the cloth and ultimately enhancing the charm of the wearer.

To fulfill the ideas for your dream shirts, Tom’s Fashion gives you options to not just select the fabric of your choice but also customize collars, cuffs, front and back, bottom cut, pockets, monogram of your shirt so that you have the piece as per your requirements. Once you select these, our tailors make sure that they design best fitted shirts out of the classic fabric for you.

So, don’t wait any longer and quickly get your shirts customized with us at Tom’s Fashion.