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Mens Wear Collection 2017 -Tom's Fashion

05 Jun, 2017

Fashion loves to revisit and revive past statements and make them work for the modern world. Though women have many styles to adore but it is seen that men usually fall short of styles. And to resolve this issue, designers of Tom’s Fashion are diligently focusing on Men’s wear collection 2017.

Whether you see the Milan Fashion Week, or the Summer Street Fashion Week, you won’t fail to notice the freshness and style in menswear with different pattern, style and colors. There are many new colors and cuts that are being included, but the old style combination and designs have also made a drastic come back especially in menswear. And let’s not forget about the designer trends that are transformed with pastel colors for the cool season style.

The Tom’s Fashion men’s wear collection of 2017 consists of many new and old style clothes, some of them being-

White Trousers

White Trousers

Incredibly complementary with deep navy, white t-shirt or shirt and pops of bright colors, the white trouser is worn best with accessory like dusty brown boots and belts-style blue denim shirt and patterned sweaters for peppy look. Style the white trouser with a brown suede jacket and with a white color t-shirt underneath. This will instantly create a smart causal look. For a more formal affair, white trouser can still work well for you, just try vertical print navy blue shirt as it’s a classic no matter what you wear, try white trouser and swap the shoes for light grey loafers. Celebrities like Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa and Chris brown have also opted for white trouser with white t-shirt and white sneakers for the great summer look.

Powder Blue Shirt

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Blue is one of the best shades you should go for when choosing the dress shirt. Blue color is great to give you a deeper tan complexion and warms up your clothing palettes subtly. There are many ways to style a powder blue shirt like go for dark patterned ties or mix things up with deep crimson silks or darker green variations for corporate looks with a twist. You can dress it up or down or pair it with a variety of colors- anything from a navy blue to a burgundy red. While some men opt for true light blue color, others go for more lavender version of powder blue button down shirt. And for casual wear, a great fitting powder blue shirt with streamline chinos is ideal.

Windowpane Strips

Like the rest of menswear, most checks have gone grunge this season, most but not all. The Italian- favored pattern has made a comeback and can be put to work a good two-piece or three-piece, complimenting suit separates or trousers worn with more casual pieces. If you notice closely, even the red carpet has got windowpane appearance like Jon Hamm and James Marsden worn the windowpane checks with charcoal black and charcoal grey suits. It has slender, interesting lines and minimal color scheme that manages to be both sleek and sartorial at the same time. You can even style this with bolder prints shirt or solid color shirt, to get a stylish look.

Suits Color

From Balenciaga’s broad shouldered 80’s look to the mobster revival at annual men’s fair Pitti Uomo, it seems that no men are spoiled for choices when it comes to designer power suits. While navy blue and charcoal black will still be the most common suit colors you’ll see in 2017, don’t be surprised if you see the brighter or lighter shades throughout the year. Even patterns like plaid shirts or paisley tuxedo jackets are not out of question. And the grey color suit will still work timelessly in plethora of different shades, appearing light and breeze in a pastel hue or corporate driven yet redefined in charcoal grey. At work place, wear a light pink, blue or lilac shirt under a dark grey three-piece with brown shoes. You will definitely look dashing and smashing.

So, start shopping today at Tom’s Fashion and get your dream dress style for you.