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Stylish Attributes of Best Bangkok Custom Tailor Shirts

20 Apr, 2015

For the best Bangkok custom suit tailors, a custom suit shirt isn’t just about the extensive span of special suits fabrics and measurements but also includes the wholesome custom tailor suit look down to the last detail of best accompanying accessories. That why a question always arises to the each wearer, Do you take time to study and observe the essential appeal, character and look of your tailor made custom shirts disposition, appearance and styling? Chances are that each shirt embodies a certain character ad style truly communicating the wearer’s inner sense of wear and dress. So what makes up the best attributes to the most accomplished and well styled suit shirt styled by the renown of Bangkok tailors when shopping at central Bangkok? Some attributes are standard while others capture the stylish and accomplished awe of Bangkok tailor stitching and design.

Outstanding Features of Well-Stitched Bangkok Tailor Made Shirts Formalization of Standard Shirt

Cuff Size and Sleeve Length


A gaping cuff and overly long sleeve can be ruining factors to well conceptualized, designed and stitched custom suits. That’s why getting the right size and correct instantly is always a good design feature. These two are always visible parts to a suits look.

Perfect Shoulder and Back Shirt Look for Good Design Parameters  

 Custom tailored shirts always capture the formal build and the contours of the wearers look without compromising on any subtlety at dignified stance. It makes sense to have shirts well coordinated in double stitch for better back look and shoulder stance.

Collar Orientation and Shirt Front Façade Design.


A well stitched custom shirt collar draws such inspiration and points to the good sense of wearers as it matches your neck proportions beautifully. It neither lags nor sags but gives comfortable room for movement and adjustment. Similarly, the button placket is a continuation of that amazing design marvel with great button holes and precise sizing.