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Best Custom Suit Styles While Celebrating Thailand New Year Songkran!!!!

14 Apr, 2015

The Thailand New Year affectionately known as Songkran is a moment of great jubilation for the people of Thailand. It marks divine cleansing, new beginning, fresh starts and most quality Bangkok custom suits tailors or new clothing always find a new way in the hearts and wardrobes of  style conscious dressers and fashionistas. It’s an expression of good fortune and jubilation as people step out in happiness in their best custom suit styles or clothing. 

 The Songkran water festival lauds Lord Buddha as the divine guardian deity of Thailand with auspicious blessings. There are many ways and things Thailand people do and observe in the esteemed new year celebrations.

Esteemed Things that Depict the Thailand New Year Celebrations  

Sprinkling  of Water

A symbol of divine cleansing and fresh starts with a special emphasis that it emphasizes love and universal unity. This has a special appeal  that people pour out into the streets to enjoy the seasonal shift and are merry  while celebrating with joy and fervor.

Special Prayers and Temple Visits

It’s always auspicious and symbol of divine obedience to visit the Buddha Temples and offer special prayers for the blessings and well being.

Wearing New Custom Suits, Dresses and Clothes

A blessed way to express the new year start and as well as to thank the Lord Buddha continued blessings and prosperity is wearing new clothes. They symbolize fresh start and new beginning. Best Bangkok tailors experience a remarkable trend in people wearing fitting and custom made clothes fit for the auspicious occasion like; custom made suits, trendy dresses, colorful attires and clothes.

Blessing the Buddhist Monks and Giving Alms

It’s also a special season of sharing by giving to monks who preside over prayers in temples and with the less fortunate to ensure a balanced society.