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Relevance of the Crisp and Perfect Dress Shirt Collar

09 Nov, 2015

Dress Shirt Collars: A Guide to Choosing the Right Style

In Thailand Tailor design exuberance parlance, the shape and character of the custom dress shirt collars has lot of significance. It is the dress shirt collars that always attract undivided attention of fashion and attentive eyes of the ardent wearer in equal measure. It is amazing how this simple yet vital detail can either make or ruin the classical look of a formal custom dress shirt. And so, be it conventional designs like wing tip or tab among others, these custom dress shirt collar styles resonate with lasting classical design.

Dress Shirt Collar Types and their Significance in Bangkok Tailor Designs

There are many types of sharp design collars that define the appearance of the custom dress shirt. They are either primarily categorized in the formal, semi-formal or casual and semi-casual. Classic There are many deviations and innovations to this hybrid as it captures the shape an appearance of neck in a softer flattering tone of presentation and finishing. It is best tuned to give alluring finish to the four in hand classical tie knot.

Spread Also christened the cutaway collar, it is a traditional English type with enhanced or pronounced wider collar points. It is a more neo modern collar design that best suits long facial features on full-fledged Windsor tie knots for excellent and perfect looks.

Business – Casual There is inter-marriage of the classic cut away collar and the casual spreads that are quintessential with today’s urbane male dress codes. They present a fine balance between the need for tie wear or may just as well pass off without the need for one. The collar looks charismatically understated yet perfectly turned out for an impeccable custom dress shirt look and finish.

Button – Down The up end about the dress shirt collar strikes the need to look sharp or just plain without the need for tie. The added setting collar buttons ensure a more appealing decent set collar.