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Guiding Planks to Select Modern Stitch Tailor in Bangkok Dress Shirts

27 Jun, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Bangkok Tailor for Dress Shirts

For modern gentle man dress shirts are synonymous with character, personality, fine stitch quality fabrics and unending sea of positive admiring compliments. And if it’s a Best Tailor Bangkok dress shirt there are more positives to draw from well stitched and made custom dress shirts.

Collar; the Bangkok Tailor understands the weight of significance the dress shirt collar carries. It’s the place from where all the fittings derive importance and collective dress shirt perfection. If it’s for a formal purpose to be teamed with a tie the best fitting will underline the neck outline of the wearer very well.

Button Spacing; whereas haphazard button space can be easily noted on the usual shirts, the reason for detailed dress shirt perfection is that every inch of proper styling adds to the wholesome appeal of the dress shirt. Best Tailor Bangkok Dress shirt buttons are usually high quality and should flow with a similar stance of design and finish.

Shoulder Size and Span; the back parts of the dress shirt from the Bangkok Tailors is defining guide in refined fitting. Shoulders should come with clear cit contours for a personalized fit.  

Sleeves and Cuffs; the arms and sleeves like the collar coordinate for better looking fits. But more to that, tailors in Bangkok dress shirt sleeves and cuffs are drawn for a closer comfortable fit than sagging dimensions.   

Torso Size; making the round up appearance of the wearer, Bangkok Tailors torsos are tapered to give a near athletic body build yet display elegant fitting.    

Shirt Length; a best tailor in Bangkok shirt is a remarkable emblem of perfect length in relation to ones height. It is definitive the wearers physical length to cover his modesty with enduring appeal. These are usually premium measurements of wearers in various postures.     

Pocket Sizes; these are strategically placed to sit at the chest for the tailor in Bangkok dress shirts. You find remarkably done stitching that emphasizes perfection and beauty. 

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