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Key Things To Know About A Jacket Suit

14 Dec, 2017

A proper fitting suit narrates so much about your personality. It makes you appear trimmer, taller and stronger. Most people prioritize and give a larger space of their thinking time to choosing that right tailor; however, they often miss out on the even more essential thing, which is the patter of a jacket suit.

To help you get the best jacket suit stitched, here are a few things that you should consider before giving your customized suit for stitching:


Single vs Double breasted jacket suit



Standard single breast jacket has two or three buttons that hold the two halves of the jacket at the front. In a double-breasted jacket, standard number of buttons is six; however, there can four or eight also. Peak lapels are its significant features.

Some common suit jacket button rules:

One Button Suit Jacket: Button when standing and unbutton it when seated.
Two Button Suit Jacket: Unbutton the top when seated and button it when standing. Never fasten the lower button.


Suit jacked buttons


custom Bangkok Suit

The most commonly preferred choice in buttons on a single-breasted jacket is of the one with two buttons. It is because it majorly suits all body types and its cuts make every man’s frame look longer. This type is suitable for both social and business events.

 Sack, structured or fitted silhouette suit jacket


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Here, the term silhouette refers to the cut of the jacket suit. Broadly categorized into three different patterns of- sack, structures or fitted suit jacket, each one provides their own tone of appearance:

Sack or brooks brother: Helps you to blend into the crowd easily as this kind of jacket simply remains shapeless and hangs on the body giving a classic shape.

Structured jacket: One of the most formal jacket types that give an hourglass appearance to the wearer with its padded should and trimmed waist.

Fitted jacket: Tailored for fit men using minimal padding and high armholes for an enhanced posture.


Notch, peak or shawl suit lapel


shawl suit lapel

Lapels should be according to the proportion of a jacket. Like a wide lapel would suit a well-proportionate man; this similar lapel pattern would minimize the frame for a smaller man.
There are 3 common types of lapels including:

Notch Lapel: When the top of the lapel and the bottom of the collar are parallel to each meeting each other in notch, it is then called as notch lapel. It is one of the most common types of lapel.

Peak Lapel: It is a pattern found on double-breasted jackets, which gives the suit a more formal touch. As the name suggests, these lapels have strong edges that points towards the shoulders.

Shawl Lapel: Usually seen with tuxedos, shawl lapels have a continuous curve sans any break like it is found in notch or peak lapel.

We hope it fulfilled your requirement for now. There are other factors including types of pockets in a suit jacket, sleeve buttons in suit jacket, types of jacket lining, jacket vents, and lapel buttonhole, which we shall discuss in the upcoming blog.

So, stay tuned to this space for more details.

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