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Overseas Trips in December by Customized Tailors from Bangkok

25 Nov, 2017

Our customers are spread all over the globe and we love to see them, whenever and wherever possible. When our overseas customers can’t reach us, it becomes all the more essential for us to visit them where they are based. Therefore, before the year comes to an end, we want to see you all, which is why we are going to visit you soon in your city. Yes, your city.  

Here is our itinerary. Check it out and visit us at the nearest location.

Austria, we’re coming- 03rd Dec’17 to 07th Dec’17

Let’s meet up guys. We will be covering approximately six cities in Austria including the capital city Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz, Kufstein, Linz, and Innsbruck.

Starting our trip from Vienna for three days from 3rd to 5th Dec and also in Klagenfurt on Dec 3rd and 4th for two days. Then, we will be moving to Graz on Dec 5 followed by Linz and Kufstein on 6th Dec and our trip coming to an end in Austria with Innsbruck on Dec 7th.

Hitting to Germany- 7th Dec’17 to 9th Dec’17

Next we visit Germany- yayy!! We will be in Munich for 2 days on Dec 7th and 8th. Continuing our journey from Munich, we will then be stopping by at two destinations, that is, Cologne and Frankfurt on Dec 9th. Are you all excited like we are!

Making it to Holland- 10th Dec’17

The Hague in Netherlands is where we stop by next on Dec 10th. We hope to see you all there. So guys, keep calm because Tom’s Fashion is visiting you soon!

Up on our list now is Paris- 10th Dec’17 and 11th Dec’17

Paris, here we come! We will be seeing you guys in Paris on Dec 10th and 11th. Make sure you mark your calendar already for those two days!

It’s time for Brussels- 11th Dec’17

Hey Brussels, have you been waiting for us to visit. Well, it’s time that you pause your clock to this time because we are visiting you soon. Our team will be there with you on Dec 11th, so do spare some time and see us!

Now in London- 12th Dec’17 and 13th Dec’17

It is now time for the UK, we are coming to visit you on Dec 12th and 13th, hope you will be all set to visit us at our location and get your requirements fulfilled by our designers!

Finally, December tour ends with Switzerland- 12th Dec’17 to 15th Dec’17

Beginning with Geneva on Dec 12th, we will be moving forth to Lausanne on Dec 13th followed by Basel on Dec 14th. Also on 14th, we will be in Zurich following the next day, that is Dec 15th in Zurich as well as St Gallan. So, in all, we will be in 5 cities of Switzerland. Visit us at your closest!

This is not the end guys, we will also be visiting USA in February. Here are the details:

And it is USA in February- 19th Feb’17 to 27th Feb’18

In February, we will in the US from Feb 19th to 27th. It is the New York City that we will be first visiting form Feb 19th to 21st. Moving on, we will be in Chicago from Feb 22nd to     24th. Then in Washington DC on Feb 25th followed by Boston and Dallas on Feb 26th and 27th respectively.

So, with this schedule right in front of you, we hope you’d drop by to say a Hi and get some fantastic tailored clothes at your preferred location. Do not forget to book the appointment on our website

Here is our trip calendar:

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