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5 Top Fabrics As the Seasons Change with Bangkok Tailors

20 Jun, 2016

For tailors in Bangkok these are some of the most defining as seasons shift.

Wool; for many users and wearers is that wool is impossibly uncomfortable as the hairs and weaves are quite thick and impossible to manage. This would mean that the average dresser would find them uncomfortable. Yet with the new emergent fabric technology, wool breathable ,biodegradable, durable, non allergic, elastic and lightweight wools are just as versatile in the summertime. This enhances the fabrics use from season to season.  

Cotton; the main stay breathable fabric has always  offered comfort interspersed with style and other properties like; absorbency, classic drape, easy machine and dry clean, comfortable and good long lasting fiber strength. This outlines why cottons still remains the frontline fabric for all seasons and wear.    

Cashmere; with amazing feel of silky, soft and soft properties the fabric has been used by several women to adorn their dispositions in season after season. So pleasantly warm its lightweight feel and soothing touch is impossible to overlook. It is a rare, luxurious and comfortable feel of the fabrics that drives their high demand.

Linen; with well known properties of the breathable quality linen, there are still other qualities and properties that make it special like breathability, strong and durable, elastic with high level of absorbency, easy maintenance and equally resistant to damage from sudden scratches. It is seasons fabric that gives high comfort and stylish look.

Organic Fabrics; there are several organic fabrics that have been around for quite some time like the hemp that offer excellent wear and breathable properties. Bring made from the natural fibers they are equipped to handle all natural degrading things like water or weather wear down. For the best tailor Bangkok there are many other fabrics with good properties.

Choose best and quality fabrics to make season defining dressing at the best tailor in Bangkok.