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Which Rules are Apt for Right Button Etiquette for Bangkok Tailors

25 Jul, 2016

Thailand tailors custom suit cannot be complete without the correct and right button combination or even etiquette when wearing the flamboyant combinations. There are basic ways to make it far more excellent and lovable. 

Rule # 1 – Notched Lapel Coats for Traditional Business Attire.

While choosing more traditional formal business attire, going for a double button notched lapel coat makes a consistent statement.

Rule # 2 – Coat Button Lining and Placement 

The top button of two button suits or middle button of a three button suits must always be placed at precisely the navel.  It is considered a big custom suit fashion mistake to fasten the last button of single breast suits. Incase the single breast suit has single button; the button must always be closed while standing and loosened while sitting down. If it has 2 buttons, the upper button must stay closed, whereas the lower button is kept open. When made with 3 buttons, there are several options. Either to button upper two and leave the lower opened, or just button the central button. 

Rule # 3 – Open Suit Buttons when Sitting

It is always considered a stylish and standard custom suit fashion etiquette to open the buttons of custom suits coats when sitting down.

Rule # 4 – Keep Open Last Button of Vests and Coats

The last or bottom button of a custom vest / waist coat must always be left unfastened. This is to enhance comfort and elegance of the custom suit.

Rule # 5 – Don’t Close the Last Button of Double Breast

In a similar vein, it is also appropriate to not close the last button of a double breast coat unless there is only one single row of buttons.

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