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What is Important When Looking for the Best Dinner or Wedding Suits?

16 Feb, 2015

Weddings are special moments for the brides and bridegrooms to be shopping at BTS Nana, as special occasions celebrating union of two people in special bond of marriage. And so, the customary Bangkok custom tailor dinner or wedding clothing must be apt for the occasion. But, there is tendency to feel that all wedding and dinner suits are actually alike to the fashion uninitiated. Well, not exactly!! In fact, not all wedding or dinner suits are similar at all. Be it lapels, collars, buttoning and matching essentials.

They are either extremely unique or just customized to meet individual fits, sizes, tastes, seasons and a whole lot of other parameters. Dinners and weddings though tend to have invited guests in their best finery. There is always one hallmark on each wearer’s appearance and look. So, what’s primarily important when looking for that essential wedding and dinner suit look that adds a touch of class and charisma?

Charismatic Design Features of Good Wedding and Dinner Suits

Wedding and Diner suits exude quite suave and urbane features that leave an impressive essence of appeal and smartness. These are dual elements of appeal;

Lapel Identity and Design Appeal of Wedding and Dinner Suits


Every diner or wedding suit has the remarkable resonance in the most attractive and focus generating lapels. Infact, the suits true essence revolves around this simple but fundamental part of suit. Dual tone, shawl, peak, notched the lapels tells a lot about the wearers passionate dress sense and right use at different occasions.

Distinctive Suits Pocket Lining, Ties and Bow Ties 

The pocket lining and all nature of pockets are an impressive part of good custom design. But it’s also amazing how elegant strips or folds of both neckties and bow ties transform and complete the suits look to an exuberant essence of grand appeal. They both have distinctive flair and design. Pockets squares and ties must find completeness in the flair of good pocket design. Good grooming and accessories make a grand custom suit style statement even more emphatic.