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Tom's Fashion-Ways to Dress in a Custom Suit.

18 Nov, 2013

The Endearing Hallmark of a Custom Drape.

Just like when you walk into a departmental store and you are met with variety, choice, custom suits are a huge mix of design and drape. Thailand tailors for long have evolved the perfect way to dress and get that perfect drape with a long lasting impression on peers. A few things kept in mind that will ensure the best way to wear the custom suit is maintained at the best possible level. At a certain stage in evolving the best dress style and fashion sense of the client, a task to define and decode the client’s statistics as in measurements, the master tailor will give inputs as to the best way to portray and bring out the character in the client. From Traditional to the European styles the drapes bear distinct styles.

Traditional Drape:

This rings a bell of conservative and very basic look yet maintaining the affluent feel of an individualized Bangkok tailor suit. The suit is hand stitched and made to measure with the highest form of standards in a unique way of dress design, with all the creative individual inputs of the client incorporated and maintained.

Contemporary Drape:

A contemporary world view in dress and design that will combine a modern feel and yet retain the traditional outlook and feel of individual custom measurements. These are suits that give an impressive and inspired look from the combination of two design elements and approaches. A few design elements are prominent; -dual vents (sideways of suit) -light shoulder support -notched lapel -high gorge (at the top)

European Drape:

The European custom suit design keeps in mind the European fashion sensibility with limited artworks but emphasizing the dimensions of the suit wearer and the character being portrayed. The sharp cuts and lean portrayals are some distinct features. A mixture of Italian, British and American suit sensibilities, its design incorporates a few areas like; -mid-gorge (mid suit) -notch lapel -single vent (back of suit) -medium shoulder support Bangkok tailors custom suits come in a variety of broad designs that keep the fashion conscious and the discerning wearer with designs in the form of single breasted, double breasted, triple breasted and whether it’s a formal suit, business suit as well as the combination of  the new age fusion wear to keep the confluence of appeal intact.

To keep this fusion a lot of elements come into play like; personal patterns, measurements recheck, body form, consistent consultation. Thailand tailors will render all possible avenues in an effort at meeting the client’s exact need in custom fashion.