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Understand the New Styles of Button Designs in Dress Shirts

01 Sep, 2014

Dress shirts buttons and plackets are no doubt a focal point for any discerning Los Angeles tailor as they bring and add style impetus and creativity. But with as many types of buttons out there, there is possibility of ‘getting lost in translation’ to an eclectic sense of fine taste and choice. Buttons are classical and for long a center of attention for modern and traditional custom suit makers. So how do you understand the quality of your buttons is real or fake? What materials make for the best quality dress shirt buttons? Knowing that the dress shirt is ever in the limelight ensuring this standard feature makes an impact of its own lifts the smartness a tad higher.

Types of Quality Dress Shirt Buttons Corozo Dress Shirt Buttons – derived from a species of the palm trees (Tagua palm) and grown primarily in the semi arid regions of South America it hardens naturally to form the Corozo nuts from which these impressively designed buttons form alluring natural hue and texture. Mother of Pearl Dress Shirt Buttons – credited to German button maker and entrepreneur traveler mother of pearl buttons found prominence and popularity for the rare and exclusive availability of mollusks or fresh water clams on the Mississippi river on the 1800’s. Another graceful and unique designed that adds allure and appeal to any garment attained popularity and fame.


Ivory and Leather Bound Buttons – treated to high levels to resist corrosiveness, wear and tear these natural ingredients add classical difference especially ivory buttons for dress shirts and leather bound buttons for sports jackets.


Horn Buttons – created from the remains of deer, antelope or buffalo horns they are naturally engraved with the nature of the horns residue.


Metallic Buttons – although hardly seen on dress shirts they are versatile addition to the variety available for the discerning wearers. They may come in precise metals like gold or silver which neither fade nor loose shine for the ever present glamour quotient.


Classical stylish buttons add new dimensions to dress shirt looks.