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The Excellence of Custom Suit Tailoring

16 Jun, 2014

For many Bangkok tailors, the custom suit trade and industry have blossomed to reflect eclecticism and finesse that’s the fodder for many a flamboyant dressing. Billed as the next big thing on the men’s fashion scene for some time, Bangkok custom suits have certain qualities that only it’s off-the rack counterpart can only dream about. The whole process from the start of measurements and consultations to trying on the finished suit resonates with a certain level of personalized, detailed and focused individual product making. It brings a special tag as a means to particular and individual to another level.

When a man or woman dresses well it gets him / her accolades and praises on great fashion sense. Sometimes, out of hindsight, good dressing can be connoted to reflect what one feels about herself / himself. Excellence of craft and stitch isn’t something difficult to notice, especially when one relies on the world renowned Bangkok custom tailors. When connoting excellence these things cannot miss out;

Fitting that’s only personal to a Particular Body Type

A fitting shirt, coat and pant combination flatters and hugs the body comfortably that no other level of imitative stitch can conjure.

Extensive Record of Measurements and Designs

A single measurement session may suffice for some yet when passion and creative zeal is second nature there is always striving for higher perfection.

Intricate Personalized Initial Embossing and Embroidery

The feeling of possessing something that’s particularly yours with name initials embossed in fine gold thread adds utopian mark up on the grand scale of luxury.

Use of Rich Quality Fabrics and Materials

A high quality piece of fabric with a luxurious limning effect lend an intensively unique look to the suit personality as much as transforming the common visage of the wearer to grand marshall of fashionable wear, A suit subtle and understated personality has the ranking for extraordinary.