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Steps to a Custom Made Suit

17 Sep, 2013


Custom suits are the ultimate definitive fashion statement a man or woman can wear or possess for that special moment or occasion.  When one embarks on the task of making a custom suit it is a positive step to enhance your look and to transform your image. Bangkok tailor suits or bespoke suit have inherent and unique features and processes and steps unlike a ready to wear suit (off the rack) that set them apart on another level.

Personalised Tailoring

Custom suits emphasise the need for the right size and proper fit, purpose for client’s need of a bespoke suit. It is therefore necessary to meet the specialist tailor to get the correct details on your custom made suit. These also help in removing any form of doubts and collect the precise needs of the client regarding his suit. Different professions or careers for instance will take into consideration a certain projection of image.


Fabrics are the foundation for a stylish, unique and special custom made suit. It’s better to understand the range of fabrics and their look on a finished product- a custom made suit. With a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton, linen, polyester, cashmere, tweed and a host of many options, the choice for the fabric solely lies with the customer.A good fabric choice will undoubtedly bring the elegance of the suit to forefront in terms of draping, stylish fitting and also a luxury look and finish.

Designs and Cuts

In design and cut of a custom made suit fabric, for a good tailor it is equally important for the client to specify his or her best design so that the final product renders a good impression. From an impressive range of styles and fashions, traditional, conservative, contemporary or European tastes, the choice is the clients to make with some inputs where necessary from the expert tailor.


Correct measurements will not only ensure perfection or at its best a good custom made suit, but the limitation of flaws and mistakes. Even though the process can seem long, unnecessary but for a good suit it’s worth the wait or endeavor and worth the compliments or accolades.