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A sneak peek into Justin Trudeau Suit Style

05 Jul, 2017

Dress to Impress: The Justin Trudeau Suit Guide

Known for his active lifestyle, “Sock Diplomacy”, joyful nature and admiring looks, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, is the man who readily stole heart of many. Apart from his adorable looks and charming smile, Mr. Trudeau is seen as an epitome of perfection. His incredibly colorful and thought driven socks to his best fitted suits, the man gives some major fashion as well as fitness goals to everyone out there.

From recent Canada 150 celebration to the official meetings that he is a part of, his personality keeps your eyes fixed at him. Whether he suits up or dresses casually, his personality just drives everyone crazy. It is probably for this reason that it is considered pleasurable to imitate his flamboyant style.

So, listed below are a few of Justin Trudeau's best suit looks that he carried out on various occasions-

From Canada 150th Anniversary -

For the celebration of Canada Day, Justin Trudeau wore a blue suit of Notch lapel and flap pockets over white shirt. To enhance the overall grace of the suit, he wore red tie and maple leaf designed pocket square that also looked apt for the occasion of Canada Day. The classy finishing and fitting of Justin Trudeau suit augmented his looks even more!


During one of his visits to Prince Edward Island -

During his recent visit to the PEI, he chose shades of blue for the day in green landscape of the Island. He tucked his blue shirt with white button inside the pair of blue denims and balanced it with blue blazer which gave him the apt business casual look. Also notice that he let his blazer open which added an informal and slightly irregular touch to his personality.

So, remember all you fashionable men out there that when you’re looking for a formal Islander look, then this would roll flawlessly for the day.


At Pride Parade -

The rainbow colored flags hoisting high and walking ahead with a bright smile on face, you see a man enjoying the day in his Pink shirt and checked blue blazer with a temporary tattoo of a rainbow-coloured maple leaf on his left cheek- guess who it is? ? Yes, this is Mr. Trudeau, the most stylish man, joyfully being a part of the Pride Parade. The subtle combination that he chose to carry off with beige pants and brown belt worked fantastically for the event.


Father’s Day Post -

In one of his Instagram post for Father’s Day, he posed with his daughter in black tuxedo with plane white shirt, black bow and a white Presidential fold pocket square. The tux with peak satin lapel and single button and jetted pockets looked absolutely fanciful on him.

Justin Trudeau clothing is definitely bringing out some major fashion goals for men!


On an official visit to the Vatican City -

During the visit to the Vatican City, Justin Trudeau wore a black suit with white shirt and purple checked tie. Justin Trudeau Stylish Men's Suit Style had Notch lapel of perfect fitting with two buttons, out of which he kept one opened. Besides fitting, the combination of purple tie over white and black looked really well and complemented his wife who was also in black dress.

Justin Trudeau Suits Style Guide is definitely unique and elegant that surely deserves all the attention that he is getting. There are so many more interesting patterns worn by him in the past which you must have a look at to get the clear idea of what exactly you are looking for. And for getting these pieces customized for any occasion, you know that the leading customized tailor in Bangkok - Tom’s Fashion is always available!