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Important Custom Suit Stitch Terms when Taking the First Affable Step at Good Fittings

06 Apr, 2015

Master Your Custom Suit: Essential Fitting & Stitching Terms

For the most accomplished and best Bangkok visiting tailor the most mundane tasks in custom suit making are a serious attempt at repackaging identity and character. The custom suit speaks a lot about the wearer’s common daily life routines or dress sense. That’s why there’s more to a custom suit than what meets the eye. The seam, cut, sharpness and crispness of the fabric, lapel orientation, perfect drape and as many other characteristics of the custom suits look. Therefore the common terms assume an important place in deciding to get a good and perfect suit. These technical custom suit tailor terms give a glimpse on how to make decisive statement when choosing the best fabric and stitching the right suit.

Terms to Ensure Your Suit Measurements and Fittings are Perfect.

Draft – the draft to any garment (i.e. coat, pant, dress or any clothing) is the sketch plan any garment.

Seam – this is the fine line of stitching threads running across different fabrics stretch and span to create a coherent design.     

Baste – rough and unfinished copy of the original dress to be made. It lays the foundation for adjustments and further fittings.  

Made to Measure – this is the suit or clothing made to fit specific body measurements and fittings of the wearer.

Inner Lining or Interlining - piece of cloth that is placed between the inside layer and outer layer for warmth and shaping.

Bespoke – this is stitching of custom fitting suits and clothing by hand and specifically for the individual wearer’s disposition and measurements. They are handmade for an exquisite look and statement.

Canvas – a piece of cloth made from either flax, cotton, hemp or jute that gives perfect shape to suits and improves drape quality. There are several other custom suit stitching terms that make having a suit more enjoyable and easy. It helps when one wearer educates and self informs about his / her basics when shopping at BTS Nana.