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How to Take Good Care of your Formal Attires?

17 Nov, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Formal Wear Care

Nothing makes for a svelte look than a well-fitted suit. This is the reason they often say every man should own at least one nice suit, which can come handy at occasions such as weddings, interviews, parties, funerals, etc. And, in case your work requires you to be in formal attire, then you must own several suits in your closet. Looking good in formal wear instantly adds to the confidence, particularly in the work setting.

However, formal wear demands great care as that leads to endurance of the fabric, while also making sure that they are always ready-to-wear, so you can wear them to urgent board, client meeting as well as other vital formal occasions. Keeping the formal wear clean and taking good care of them is quite an uphill task, as even though dry-cleaning is just the most absolute option, one can’t frequently go for it as that would not be good for the endurance of the fabric.

But still it is best to get these expensive wear of yours dry-cleaned; though make sure you don’t head to the dry-cleaner too often. After all, getting a suit custom tailored is indeed a form of investment, so it’s necessary you take care of the investment when hoping for it to last a lifetime.

Better maintain your shirts, suits and wedding suits well, so that, they look new even in the years to come.

Why dry-clean is better than washing when it comes to the formal clothing? Maintains the color and shine

Wool and silk material are used in the tailoring of a suit and with the use of water, it may lose its shape and color, hence, getting them dry-cleaned is the best possible solution.

Get rid of oil and grease stains

Worried about the gravy stain you got on your shirt in the last party, well, take it to the dry-cleaner, who will work fluids on the mark, giving instant release from greasy and oily stains.

Let the dry-cleaner handle it

Being experienced in the field, dry-cleaners very well know how to take care of your formal attires so instead of trying out the home dry-cleaning kits, better take professional help.


Most dry cleaners also provide service for maintenance of apparels donned on special occasions. So, after wearing your formal clothing, such as wedding suit, take it to the dry-cleaner for expert care.


Irons used by the dry cleaners are indeed way better than the ones used at home. So in order to get that extra crisp and wrinkle-free look, always drop off your formal attires to the dry-cleaner.