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How to Take Best Measurements with Bangkok Tailors

30 Jan, 2017

Master Tailor Measurement Guide: Bangkok Bespoke Clothing for Men & Women

Men and women alike love custom clothes that fit properly and bring sense of accomplishment to their out ward appearance and personality in general. From top to bottom, every inch of body size counts for true comfortable and flattering tailors in Bangkok custom clothing. No doubt all clothing need specific focus and individualized approach in making.


That’s why; each wearer’s needs vary and produce unique results in fitting and definitive clothes. These are some specific rules for both genders in measurement for custom tailoring with Thailand tailors.

Men; for suits, dress shirts, pants, tuxedos and other forms of fitting clothing there’s a need for all round fitting results to impact your custom tailored clothing. Important things to keep in mind while measuring yourself are; posture or standing position, take precise comfortable tape measurements.   

These are crucial places to keep in mind on the upper body; neck, full chest, full shoulder, right sleeve, left sleeve, biceps, wrists, waist / stomach and hips / seat. Every inch of body size contributes to ensuring custom clothes are precisely fit wearer body size. For men’s lower fittings; height, waist size, inseam, hips, backside, natural hips and width of pelvis across seat crotch, thigh and knee. For shirts; chest, sleeve length, and neck size are crucial. 

Women; be it dresses, skirts, gowns, pants, blouses and other fitting custom tailored attires of the tailor in Bangkok measuring women attires needs forthright approach to precise fitting.

These are crucial places to keep in mind on women’s upper and lower body; bust size (fullest part of chest), professional size bra fitting, natural waist (slimmest part of torso & not actual waist where pants rest), actual waist measurement, hip measurement (fullest size of body above legs, around and across seat), inseam for slacks and pants. For collar shirts and blouses; neck size, sleeve length, shoulder size, sleeves, wrist, biceps and bust size, 

Make the best and most of out your custom tailored clothes with excellent measurements from start to finish through best tailor in Bangkok at Tom's Fashion.