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How to Ensure the Finest Quality of Custom Dress Shirt Fabrics from Best Tailor Bangkok

01 Nov, 2016

Custom dress shirts go before any dresser as they try to put on a remarkably eloquent stylish appearance. That is why the quality of original fiber fabrics for dress shirts and the trusted caliber of the custom tailor must sync and rhyme so seamlessly and beautifully. In this case, the best tailor in Bangkok craft runs back several generations and decades of quality style and design application while making the dress shirts which opens immense style possibilities for the ardent wearer.

It is fundamental and vital to be aware of the most basic and common shirt designs that enhance your dress shirt style credentials to a great extent. These are a few to follow and follow closely;

Common and Classic Dress Shirt Fabric Designs at the Tailor in Bangkok

Poplin / Broadcloth; this is a plain weave with threads alternately crossing over and under each other. The result is an incredibly smooth and durable fabric with silky feel or touch especially in high thread counts. Broadcloth / poplins have a very crispy appearance and appeal when pressed / ironed.

Twill; with weft thread running over and under multiple warp threads unlike plain weave where weft crosses one warp thread. It has unique patterns compared to herringbone and houndstooth. Twill fabrics are durable with soft feel unlike poplins with touch of sheen and radiance.

Oxford; this is a type of basket weave with multiple weft threads crossed over equal numbers of warp threads. Threads are of one color crossed with white to give oxfords unique, checkerboard appearance. The versatile fabric can be for casual or professional use depending on thread count and finish.

Thailand Tailors

Make some of these professional sourcing of tailors in Bangkok quality custom dress shirt fiber fabrics add glorious stances to your stylish appearance with Tom's Fashion. Let the pleasant shimmer of exquisite and incredible quality dress shirt fabrics shine through and make you stand out from the crowd.