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How to Choose the Best Fabrics at Best Bangkok Tailors

18 May, 2015

Depending on the nature of clothing one is trying or intends to stitch or make, there are bound to be thousands of brands or qualities to choose from the best custom suits tailor Bangkok. And this compounds a lot of issues like which one best meets my needs and budget, which one is appropriate for the kind of clothing you are making especially like custom suits, shirts, skirts or blouses. These few details iron out some fundamentals in quality fabric choice to make lasting impressions that are high on impeccable grade of appearance and style.

Factors in Making Stylish and Quality Fabric Choice at Custom Tailors          

In multitude of fabric options in budget range and preferred color choices these references make desired image projection.

Drape and Texture


The way the fabric shapes and easily forms around the wearer’s body shape as well as how it feels are important to make that lasting impression. Drape is always great especially in stitch of custom suits as that is the soul and spirit of impeccable dress credentials.

Color Richness, Consistency and Contrast

Color has always been a decisive factor in choosing a great fabric. There are color tones that look great on different skin tones. This is true especially of loud and dark tones. How they attribute or contrast to ones skin tone is primary and important too.    

Purpose or Use of Clothing or Garment

The use or purpose for which the clothing is being stitched is always important as it makes it more attractive and impeccable. The dress is good as long as it reflects the spirit for which it’s stitched.

Design, Pattern and Style on the Fabric Spread

There are lots of designs and styles that are inherently part of the fabrics dress personality and style. It makes the potential suit get that awesome appropriate look and proper trend character.

Affordability, Budget and Cost

Some fabrics may cost too much and still not bring that sparkle of brilliance and panache. It is good to choose with a sense of top elegance and style in mind within cost and planed budget.