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How to Check and Choose the Best Fabrics for Custom Tailor Suits

13 Jul, 2015

Quite often you will find a number of custom suit wearers and enthusiasts strutting made-to-measure suits as excellent quality. Yet to Bangkok custom tailors, though every detail of each wearers statistic is preserved and maintained to retain a personal note on the clients fittings and measurements, effort is also made to ensure the right statement of fittings. But fittings aside, the right and best fabric quality have a lot to deliver to each wearer’s disposition and appearance. In all this, it's always challenging to make the right choice of fabric as the quality and quantity is quite overwhelming and surprising to the wearer's eyes. That’s why it's important to have a list of good choices and options to choose from as there are dynamic booster collections on the entire tailor’s floor space.

 Choose with Care and Caution, Know Your Fundamental Persona.

We wear what we are comfortable with and what makes sense to our unique persona and integrity. Therefore, though the eyes may discern that this is attractive and good it should strike a reasonable sense of attraction in our persona. From colors, texture, styles and designs and the overall finishing of the fabric should reflect some sense of personal integrity and character.

Make Fiber Quality and Renowned Mills Your Guiding Principle

Great fabrics usually cost more and have the propensity to make or break the suits overall charm. When we overlook the importance of great fiber quality we over looks other important aspects as well like drape finesse, color richness and tone and above the compliments of exceptional matching accessories.

Check and Feel the Richness, Comfort, Color Vividness / Consistency

The richness and exactness of color tone as well as consistency points to some quality attribute in weaving that still delivers perfect results on finished quality fabrics. More so, the richness tells of the potential drape quality in your suit.

Envisage Yourself in the Suit at Work, Function or Purpose for Purchase

This creates and makes a far better way to understand how the suit looks or performs once completed and ready.