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How Do You Find the Best Pants and Trousers to Fit Your Body Shape?

27 Oct, 2014

For many pants and trouser wearer’s body shape and structure has often been a decisive factor in choosing the right fitting pants or trousers for most sartorially inclined women and men. Since measurements play a critical role in choice of styling, designing, drape properties and finally the essential color and look of the fabric.

These thoughts, properties and aspects greatly influence the choice and the attempt to find the best fitting pants and trousers. The majority of Washington DC custom tailors embrace the most sartorially acceptable ways to fit and measure the client’s body disposition. Finding the right fitting pants and trousers goes a long way in enhancing the sartorial profile and sensibility of the dresser.

What to Consider and Remember While Looking for Best Fitting Pants and Trousers

Apart from the basics and the realities of well proportioned custom clothing there is always possibility of the fitting falling short or being not up to the  mark as desired or wanted.

Take Proper Personal Measurements

Besides the usual measurements of the tailor its obvious someone who knows best your body and shape is you. Therefore having prior knowledge of the probable fit is an extra chip in the personal style armor.

Ensure Your Knowledge of True Personal Body Shape

Pants and trousers fit and drape better when one has an inkling or idea on personal body shape and structure. Without this essential ingredient for good dress and style there will always be a part of one’s style that does not seem to fit in with his / her persona.

Ensure the Right Stance and Posture in Measurements

What impacts fit more than anything is stance and posture as there is bound to be the aspects of movements and stretch. This should help to harmonize the look and appearance of the ultimate product. Good fitting pants and trousers should pay tribute to the visage and highlight body shape.