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Get Excellent Custom Made Dress Shirt Stitch from Bangkok Tailor

06 Mar, 2017

Every man worth his fashion salt and caliber desires the very best of a well stitched custom made best tailor Bangkok dress shirt for the right fashion and style statement. It is this embodiment of the best in professional stitching that drives the perfection desire in Bangkok tailors. Making a compelling dress shirt style is a combination of several aspects of design and style.

Features Making Best Tailor in Bangkok Dress Shirts Reminiscent with Style

It is almost akin to deigning a masterpiece creations piece by piece and ensuring all the parts come together perfectly and flawlessly. This is why these parts matter on Bangkok tailor dress shirts. 

Breast Pockets; making the trademark pockets comes with a flair of perfect alignment to the overall shirts drape and feel on the wearers body in right size.

Armholes; the not so sagging and not so loose armholes are a perfect fit for the wearer arm size and length.  

Pallets; creatively done to hold the buttons and drape of the shirt they add character and stance in the dress shirts front fascia, drape and overall appeal.    

Hems; making the bottom end of the dress shirts has an alluring sense of finality especially with the best tailor Bangkok crafting and stitching. 

Cuffs; get refined and aligning cuffs beautifully fusing with sleeves in flawless design.

Sleeves; custom made tailors in Bangkok dress shirt sleeves capture and perfectly illustrate wearer fittings and measurements.

Collars; from all the elements of dress shirt collar character like collar leaf, stand, point length and spread  there is pure fascinating craft that epitomizes elegance and passion in stitching.

Shoulders; show the majestic masculine expanse of broad shoulders with precise and in premium fabric feel.

Buttons; there are brilliant and marvelous editions of special tailor in Bangkok dress shirt buttons for and exclusive feel and touch.

Dress with a unique and distinct feel of excellence and perfection aided by the Bangkok tailors touch of superior crafting and stitching in premium dress shirts from Tom's Fashion.