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What to wear: Garden Parties and Outdoor Events

17 Apr, 2017

Garden parties are a perfect way to enjoy the natural surroundings in bright daylight or even evenings. Well set up and decorated garden, abundant food, beer, cakes and giggles all around make it so blissful. These parties surely tend to be the most special ones.

Tom's Fashion Bangkok Tailor : Garden Parties Outfits

Although, hosting such a party doesn’t require many efforts but the real dilemma lies in selecting the proper attire for such occasions. While some prefer going with half- pants and a white or light colored shirt in case of a cool get together with friends and families, on the other hand, there are those meetings which require formal or even semi-formal attires. The actual trouble is in selecting the clothes for such times.

Garden Parties Outfits

In case, you are being invited by a colleague or client for such an outdoor party and you wish to keep it casual then go for light colored linen pants and shirt. Hats and sunglasses always muster up your style. If it is a much formal ceremony then you must go for a three piece linen suit which is valued for its coolness in hot weather. So, you can actually chill while it’s hot outside. Moreover, the three piece suit will prevent you from the cool evening breeze along with saving you from the clumsiness of crumpled and messed up shirt inside the waist coat.

Now that you know what you can wear for your next garden party, get your suits and shirts stitched by Tom’s Fashion. It is not just the pattern that matters but what adds oomph to your style statement is the perfection with which the outfit is designed making sure that it aptly fits your body. Our designers at Tom’s Fashion are known for their exemplary designs and techniques which make our clients truly stand out in every party!