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From Fabrics to Stylish Suits-How is a Custom Suit-Made?

19 Jan, 2015

It’s always delightful wearing and spotting a Bangkok tailor custom-made suit. The colorful essence of fabrics, the fabric designs and styles, precise measurements and fittings go a long way in defining each wearer’s preferences and choices. Yet still, curious minds always want to know the nitty-gritty (details) of each suits painstaking routine process of creations or crafting. Shopping at central Bangkok is ever a pleasant experience and with basics of wardrobe creation processes the excitement multiplies. What are the basic and important in making a Bangkok tailor custom-made suit?

Fundamentals in Making Custom-Made Suits Quality Fabrics and Materials


The first obvious step is the ingredient and set up or make up of the fabrics grade and class. This accounts for many things like suits classical appeal and appearance, drape quality, color gelling or symmetry, deep and rich tone reflection and eventual custom-made suits personalized accessories look.

In-depth Measurements and Fittings


Quality tailors prefer at least couple of fittings to ensure consistency in design and styling. Any slight variation may spell ill-fitting and poor quality stitch louder.

Quality and Experienced Custom Tailors

As much as great efforts are spent on the critical phase of getting the right materials and inputs what brings all together is the skill and expertise of the tailor. Quality tailors are priceless gems and finds.

Cut-out Designs and Basting

There are a series of pre-cut fittings that are used to make basted suit to reflect the precise fitting of the finished suit. It gives room for error correction and righting any flaws.

Canvassing or Fusing- There’s Difference

The good and precise custom suit drape is the quality and manner of placing the canvass material that adds proper suit structure and fitting. Canvass is often cut to make fitting posture of the wearers dress position at various angles.        

Hand Crafting and Hand Stitching


Every nuance like seams, buttonholes, embroidery and inner linings mark personalized attention to detail.

Fittings and Personalization

Fittings adjust body posture and more so personalization to create more design resonant tone.