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Does Your Dress Shirt Collar Type and Spread Matter to You?

01 Dec, 2014

Tom's Fashion Tips: Why Your Dress Shirt Collar Matters

Dress shirt collars perhaps are to some wearers the least part they are bothered about and yet this dress shirt is no little significant. It affects the shirts overall look and styling and there is as much possibility it impacts its eventual fit, drape and stance. Collars are no less significant in determining the graceful look of accessories like ties or neck chains and suit finesse. They form an essential part true custom-made suit styling. Why and what makes this part of the modern dress shirt so compelling and important? Why does it draw so much attraction in analyzing a suits credibility and quality? These are the most defining answers and reasons if shopping at central Bangkok.   

Why the Dress Shirt Collar Matters and is Important

Any dress shirt collar brings sheer magical expression to the dress shirts design and style. This is how and why;

Collars are the Rallying Point for Flawless Fit 



Fitting Collars Affect the Character Fit of Dress Shirts

Any dress shirt reflects and oozes true substantive fit and flawless charm in its amazing tone of fluent rhyme and rhythm. It’s the best place to build the foundation for tonal flawless fit.

Versatile Personalization and Character of Dress Shirts  Each shirt delivers a unique appeal and style by just looking at the nature of its collar attributes. Such is the moving grace of the dress shirt collar that its precise dimension and design are vital

Gives Stylish Completion to Ensemble Highlights

No doubt a tie is one of the most remarkable and definitive aspects of a man’s wardrobe. Ties are communicative and tell a lot about character, dress sense and charisma. By being the background to tie ties this makes dress shirt collars absolutely vital for impeccable looks and style. Let the dress collar define your true dress style quotient!!!!