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Custom Trousers Pleats versus Flat Fronts

07 Jul, 2014

Bangkok Tailors: Unveiling the Secrets of Pleats vs. Flat Fronts

For many central Bangkok tailors, men’s custom trousers often project the personality traits and the fashion linear of the discerning wearers. The variation in pockets, fly size and design and choice of well placed and designed loops (slim, medium and wide) go a long way to define trousers exquisite look. Be it single, double, triple, quad and reverse pleats trousers catch and match the statistical look of the wearer.

Flat fronts classically in dress, casual, chinos, khakis and cargos offer a more modern look with fitting look. They are retro and emancipated fashion style that have held fort since the fashion revolution of 1950-1960. They are not built-in loose fashion like pleats as they reflect the wearer’s fitting measurements and near perfection of his body and visage in appearance.  

They use many styles pockets ranging from flap pockets, slanted pockets, slit pockets, cargo pockets, straight pockets, zip pockets and sometimes patch pockets. There are many differences and advantages for either trouser format and they offer various fashion benefits.

  Differences and Advantages of Pleats and Flat Fronts

1. pleats tend to be and look more baggy and roomier than flat fronts which are designed to fit and hug the body of the wearer.

2. there is extra congregated cloth around the waist and mid thigh as cloth is folded to create pleats while flat fronts give an exact interpretation of wearers fitting with symmetrical (proportioned) lining and designing.

3.flat fronts make for much more comfortable and modern example of great fashion styling like chinos, khakis and dress pants while the pleats will be more of semi casual or formal wear depicting limited versatility or adaptability.

4.there is a tendency to say pleats look better on heavy and pot bellied many while flat fronts exaggerate and compliment the slimmer and thinner men. Either way, pleats or flat fronts there is always appropriate choice to make at some of the best BTS Nana Bangkok fashion tailors.