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David Beckham Suit Style Guide

12 Feb, 2018

Known as the King of the football ground, and even more for pulling the strings of heart of many people with his appealing personality, David Beckham definitely rules at #1 position in almost everyone’s favorites list. And why not, afterall his dressing sense remains an inspiration for all those who are not only his biggest fans but also for all the fashion forward people.

Be it an interview, an event or a social gathering, the man is always puts his fashion shoes forward in the best way anyone can imagine. Considering his sporty body cuts, it is always an eye-candy to watch him slay with style at every event.

Here are some drop-dead-handsome looks from which one can gain inspiration for different get-togethers:

Epitome of Perfection

david bechkam suit

Girls, hold on to your hearts, let it not skip a beat seeing this utterly handsome man. This David Beckham Suit is an inspiration for all the guys out there who can borrow a thing or two from his upright dressing. Black suit and white shirt are always a good match but the noticeable thing here is that he used a grey-ish pocket square instead of the routine white.

Tip: Never use the same fabric of your tie and pocket square. They can be of the same color but not the same pattern. And that’s where David Beckham played his perfect shot by not mix-matching the tie and pocket square too closely!

Learning to Play with Blue Hue

custom made suit

A good way to play with different shades of blue. By keeping the suit, shirt and tie blue, David brought some breathable space in his suit with the white pocket square just as his collar of the shirt, neither making it awkward nor too gloomy blue.

Tip: In a two-button jacket suit, always keep the lower one open, just as David Beckham styled it.

Black and White for a Casual Style

custom made suit style guide

Looking for a way to carry yourself for a semi-formal day? Here’s how you can do it. Put on a well-fitted jacket and pants, and pair it up with a white t-shirt. The pants should not be too flow-y, it is the best to take up same fitting as David Beckham clothing in this reference image.

Grey That Never Frays

Custom suit style

Two-piece grey colored suit, blue striped shirt, dark blue and white striped tie and the man is all ready to steal the show. The thing noticeable here is that in this David Beckham Style suit, not only did he choose the perfect outfit for an open event but also took care of the minute details to keep the suit swing between casual and formal. With the use of patch pockets and at the same time three-sleeve buttons, David Beckham proved how every step of suit customization holds importance. Also, notice how he chose to avoid the pocket square with this outfit.

Black, White and All That Jazz

tailored suits

If white is your color, learn from David Beckham Suit how to carry it. Tom’s Fashion, the custom tailor in Bangkok, absolutely adored how fantastically he used the black and white printed pocked square on a plane white coat. The combination of black bow tie and pants is not so uncommon but still Beckham seems to be the one who is absolutely sure about how to play it right with suits.

So, with this collection of some of the best David Beckham Suit collection, come to the best tailor in Bangkok to get some advise and also the best-fitted customized suit stitched for yourself.

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