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Tom's Fashion- Custom Built For the Man of Substance.

06 Nov, 2013

Inevitably, most people feel inclined to tell or brag about achievements and success in some form. A phrase, catchword or short story. Thailand tailors create elements or ways to make an individual’s capacity to excel or standout through uniquely affable designs and cloth concepts. To some, a suit may represent cloth ensemble meant to cover and protect modesty. For others it’s the ultimate statement of substance. Yet when it becomes an extension of your physical personality it exudes creative warmth that’s rare and increasingly hard to procure except if you rely on the best tailors of Thailand.

What constitutes a Man of Substance?

‘A suit maketh a man’ so goes a popular adage. When suit is the symbol of one’s substance, there’s more to the cloth than the ensemble and exuding character of its personality.

Image Transformation and Character Portrayal.

Suits personify the inert character of the discerning and fashion conscious and help to highlight or portray character. Thailand tailors personify this adage with a comprehensive study of the sometimes overlooked details of dress and self presentation to create a true image definition.

Creative Design and Appeal.

When a suit symbioses the true essential quality and appeal of a man or woman it has become a delicate imaginative artwork, ensemble. From the cognitively predictable routines of design to the extraordinary masterful craft, a man of substance bears an enduring and endearing hallmark.

Substance bears a Singular, dramatic statement.

Substance is qualitative, definitive and most importantly a dramatic statement of the individual. History bears figures of incredible caliber and skill, for a Thailand tailor suit its inimitable and unmistakable realm is the individual it’s crafted for. A singular dramatic statement.

Virtue, Insight and Passion.

With a commitment, virtue and passion to make artful works in cloth that enthrall and awe, it’s a creative collaboration that the man of substance embodies similar entitlements. A master tailor tries to strike the right chord in deeper artwork like personalized initials, sleeve and collar hand stitching. It’s a labor that can never fail to enthuse and enthrall. In many similar statements from the depth of variety of fabric, a comprehensive study of client needs and progressive database of client orders the man of substance is never out of the limelight.