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Bangkoks Tom's Fashion : The Best Choice for Tailor Made Suits Bangkok

15 Feb, 2013

There are many shops of custom tailor in Bangkok but one can easily acknowledge a vast difference in the quality and costs for the same tailor-made suits Bangkok. Do not trust and just avoid those dishonest taxi or tuk-tuk drivers to bring you to their fixed commission based shops. The extra money you are spending while buying a tailor made suits or shirts will most probably be adding in their commissions.

If you have any doubt, do look for reviews, forums and word-of-mouth referrals to search out genuine and best tailors in Bangkok. I too found Tom’s Fashion by a referral from a friend. There was not any hassle made in taking measurements for my suit and shirt and in fact showed me many references and catalogues consisting thousands of designs as I was not sure that whether I should go for a single or double button coat.

Their manager was also very much customer friendly and helped me in choosing the best design for me by recommending on what is more suitable for my body type. Tom’s Fashion showroom address is, 19, Soi Preeda, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Beware of frauds as Tom's Fashion has no other branch anywhere than Thailand.

But Tom's Fashion do visits cities in the USA, U.K., Europe & Australia on a regular basis. So do visit their showroom for some unique designs in tailor made suits in Bangkok on your next visit or get their travel schedule to arrange a meeting in the USA, U.K., Europe & Australia. Or you can also reach them online at