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A Complete Guide to Buying Custom Made Clothes

05 Aug, 2013


In this fashion era everyone wants to looking smart, there are lots of brands available online that respected in men's tailoring, and deal in men’s suits with superior fabrics, quality is superb and provide a complete wardrobe planning service according to your business, career and social needs. Perfect tailor made suit that fits their body type and personality not only makes you think confident by wearing it, even that it improves your style in suitable atmosphere. When you desire suits or shirts there are some important guides to making the most of your investment.

1) Find Reputable Custom Tailor. Friends, Colleagues and family members might also refer you to a reputed and trustworthy custom tailor. Ask around and check the customer reviews through online reputations sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and Yellow pages etc.

2) Fabric.  Make sure you get a clear description of the fabric that will be use made of your items.

3) How long will it take? Make sure if this item is already made or are you going to have to wait for it.

4) Experience.  Make sure that the seller you are purchasing from is experienced in their industry.

5) Measure for fitting.  At this step, your bespoke tailor will take all the required measurements to make your suit perfect fit like a gantlet. It's important to maintain open communication at all phases of your suit's manufacture.

6) How much handwork is done on the garment?

7) Determine the fashion. Two button or three button? Single breasted or double breasted? All of thing depends on the current trends at the time your procure.

8)  Check out alterations policy.  A high-quality bespoke shop will generally alter their own clothes for free (or at a discounted rate)

9) Final Touch. At this point, you'll have to look over everything. Don't hesitate to ask for a little amendment because you're paying for the suit .