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4 Most Stylish Conor McGregor Suit Guide

24 Jul, 2017

Get the McGregor Look: Explore Tom's Fashion's Guide to His Suits

Conor McGregor a.k.a The Notorious is the man known for his fastest victory of knockout in thirteen seconds into the first round in UFC title fight history, biggest pay-per-view draw in MMA history, his extravagant lifestyle and his impeccable suit style.

Keeping his trash talking on one side, his fashion sense is indeed admirable. The combinations that he chooses are fascinating without mixing everything too much. Having been impressed by his style, Tom’s Fashion Tailor listed a few of the suit styles that we really liked.  Take a tour below to Conor McGregor suits wardrobe-


Conor McGregor suit


Let’s first begin with Persian blue three piece suit official suit. However simple it may seem, the thing that’s worth noticing here is the fitted jacket suit to bring out his perfectly shaped body into the limelight. Keeping the rules of buttons in consideration, he kept the second button undone of his two-button single-breasted suit jacket which hits right on point for the official event. Peak lapel with perfectly positioned boutonniere on the left lapel’s opening with matching tie and pocket square definitely boosted the look.

For all those looking for official Conor McGregor style suits, this combination gets thumbs up from Tom’s Fashion.


Conor McGregor style suits


His January bling for Manchester’s Event included Leopard print wine color suit with satin black lapels and the ticket style pocket of the jacket looked dapper. His two button suit jacket had four sleeve buttons which is considered formal in comparison to one or two sleeve button pattern. The English style of double sided vent allows more flexibility making it convenient for the public events like those which again was a great choice for the event.

Overall for this outfit, we can say that Conor took a great risk with colors but it worked out really well for him.


Conor McGregor-Suit-Style


Just the perfect sunny day outfit, what do you say? Green colored suit with notch lapels, stacked four sleeve buttons style and pairing it with yellow loafers- now this is what is stylish for men. Without keeping it too monotonous while also playing around without drawing too much of attention- This is what we call as apt dressing!

Who would have thought white round neck t-shirt could also be worn like this? Be it formal or casual, seeing Conor McGregor in a suit gives us all some major fashion goals for men!


Styllish Conor McGregor suit


We like this piece particularly because of the tasteful tie that has been chosen with grey colored suit and white shirt with blue pinstripes. Like all the other suits, lapels, sleeves, buttons are all on point complementing each thing to the other. All his ensembles boast of the richness and magnificent look. Every minute detail for  Conor McGregor suit is carefully chosen to be put together just like our tailors at Tom’s Fashion.

We really have to appreciate his dressing sense. To get such inspiring suits customized or require help from someone like Conor McGregor suit maker, either order online from Tom’s Fashion’s website or pay us a visit at-

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