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Characteristics of Good Women’s Custom Blouse Styles and Designs

There are many ways women dress to make enviable fashion statement. Certainly for Bangkok custom tailors a good blouse spots and has unique character all its own depicting the wearers dress sense and integrity. To highlight every dressers passion for impeccable or alluring taste and appearance, there are some characteristics that good Bangkok tailor custom blouses have.

In that sense, what makes every woman blouse dresser different from the other? Are there essential characters and look for specially tailored Bangkok tailor blouses?

Essence and Character of Good Stitch Blouses and Shirts

Color breathes life into any fabric and piece of clothing and these women’s blouses show what goes into making your blouse truly phenomenal and classic.

Versatile Fabric Color, Style and Design

Some of the fundamentally attractive essences of great looking women blouses and shirts are variety of rich color, styles and designs. There are styles that show each wearers disposition and dress sense in a vivid manner.

Personal Fittings and Defining Style

Every woman has different proportional measurements (bust, waist, height and shoulder). Keeping this in mind, blouses attain the highest level of refinement and fit when they show wearers true size and fitting. It becomes important to take step by step measurements of vital statistics of body shape for precise fitting blouses and shirts.

Substantive and Qualitative Personalization

There are small details in design that go a long way in depicting the wearer’s sense of dress. Pearls, netting, embroidery and fabric stitch add tremendous value and definition to appearance. For style defines each woman’s sense of herself better and portrays the taste she upholds as classic and stylish.

There are many style imperatives and each woman decides driven by high sense of comfort and style sense. Every woman’s blouse speaks a thousand lullaby’s and themes.


The Elaborated Guide for Men’s Tailored Suits

Everyone knows the value of a well custom-made suit, especially those who are working in corporate sector! The current instance in the world of men’s fashion contest is so much taut amongst the lots of bespoke tailors who are available in the marketplace. Highly experienced and awarded custom Bangkok tailors are in a better position of designing custom suits that can best suit you at affordable prices. When the tailors develop the outfits then they consider the following specifications:

Fabric:  The most important element of men’s suits is the fabric that is used both in tailoring and fashion designing. You can select several styles, designs and patterns as per your requirements but it is the fabric that decides the appearance, feel and value of the suit. There are various types of textile (fabric) available in the market :
•    Linen
•    Tweed
•    Herringbone
•    Flannel
•    Cotton
•    Cashmere
•    Polyester

Cuts:  Custom Tailor do the uphill struggle to balance the shape and cut, it is important to keep in mind that outfit are not too tight or too loose.
Cuts are mainly defined in two types:
•    Double-breasted suits
•    Single-breasted suits

Jackets:  “Jacket” an outer item of clothing, covers the body either to the waist or the hips. Here is a preview of the current trend of custom made jackets:
•    Front buttons: For the jacket buttons are displayed on front side, single-breasted suits have only two or three buttons and Double-breasted jackets have only half their outer buttons.
•    Lapels: lapels have 3 types like as notched lapel, peaked lapel, shawl lapel.

Trousers:  The Trouser is an outer piece of clothing covering the body from the waist to the ankles. It is tailored according to size and wearing it with jacket. In ancient times men prefer loose but in modern age group they prefer fit i.e. no loose and no tight. They are also named as pants and slacks.

Tuxedos:  The tuxedo is the summit of the formal wear dressings for a man. It is a formal evening suit and specially designed for wedding or other more important function. These types of suits are commonly worn with a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories. It is mostly used in formal dinner parties and receptions.

Topcoats: The Topcoat an outer coat of paint. It is defined as a long coat or lightweight overcoat. Topcoats are medium-length custom-made coats that are made of wool, cashmere or a blend of the two famed fabrics.

Experience Quality Workmanship Along With Perfect Fit @Toms Fashion Bangkok Custom Tailor

Thailand Tailor

Have you ever experience a situation where you enter into a party/meeting hall and all of a sudden everyone’s eyes move around you.  And when you look towards them you get to know that those eyes are looking at the outline of your clothes.  Your spectators point out how perfectly your clothes fit on your body and how aptly they are made for your physique. This will surely make you feel great knowing your clothes seem to be impeccable as they were made just for you by one of the best Custom Tailor Thailand!

In other words, wearing custom designed clothes crafted according to your unique personality will surely going to fetch you praise from the society. Following are the striking features that define the quality workmanship and superior fit at Toms Fashion’s Custom Tailored Clothing.

•    Get personalized services from the moment you walk in to the store.
•    Measurements and Fits are taken directly by the master tailor.
•    Make use of the finest kind of fabric which is not only of comfort but also quite convenient to be dressed in.
•    Helps you in selecting the right fabric.
•    Get meticulously designed premier quality suits with long lasting fabric.
•    Tailoring is also very much processed and flawless with nifty cuts demonstrating glamour with grace.

For serving more than 25 years, Toms Fashion has became a name to reckon with in the Bangkok’s tailoring industry for providing custom clothing as per client needs and specifications. At Toms Fashion, we make every piece of clothing with the same dedication so as to make every client look their best when and where ever they wear it.

Visit Bangkok Custom Tailor For An Impressive Dressing Style

Bangkok Tailor
There are a lot of benefits in visiting a Thailand tailor store and getting served by master tailors for all your custom clothing needs.

Top Benefits of Visiting a Bangkok Custom Tailor

  • Offer customized services.
  • Fittings are taken by the professional Bangkok tailors who have years of experience and skills in    custom tailoring.
  • Multiple fittings of all custom garments are taken so as to provide the customers with ultimate fit that provides 100% comfort and exquisite looks.
  • One can have a look and feel the comprehensive range of top quality fabrics all in one place by visiting a Bangkok custom tailor.
  • Provides a chance to observe the actual production of your custom clothing as it is carried out in stores in real time!
  • Offer free delivery option within town.
  • Excellent turnaround and quick delivery time.
  • On location orders can be delivered in less than 48 hours if asked.
  • Keep record of your measurements and sizes for future orders which then can be made online as well.
  • Offer free pick-up and delivery of finished custom garments from your hotel or place of stay.

One such Thailand tailor providing custom suits in Bangkok is Toms Fashion. Toms Fashion Bangkok is delighted to have you visit its exclusive store in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide personalized service at no extra charge whatsoever and is always offered with a cordial smile.

Book an appointment at www.tomsfashion.com  to visit and meet your own personal style consultant, who can assist you in selecting a custom wardrobe that is not only classy but also cost-effective.