How Does a Bangkok Tailor Give Your Suiting That Extra Touch?

There are lots of custom tailors these days aspiring to the tag of excellent fabric and cloth stitching. Yet, for the best of Bangkok tailor these are tags that come with a lot of responsible, remarkable and unforgettable custom designs to give the clients and classical dress wearers that sense of unique identity in custom clothing. Therefore, these specific dress and fabric design styles are the sole reserve of the best custom tailors. These are essences and styles that mark out the tailors true caliber and professional competence.

It therefore begs the question; what do Bangkok tailors do which other tailors elsewhere find impossible t replicate to the same levels of ideal impeccability? These are a few things that these most renown tailors do to you that extra sense of touch and individuality.

Most Notable and Stylishly Definitive Extras on Bangkok Tailor Suiting 

Creative, Classical and Fine Fabric Choices

To make notable and appreciable suiting there has to be great choices to the range of wear and fabric complements that will add panache and style. These dress statements add to the wearer’s unique look and appearance

Impeccable Coat, Pant and Shirt Fittings


Fittings are ephemeral and transient as the body shape progresses with time and style progress. That’s why for Bangkok tailors keeping a record of all previous and past stitching helps evolve the best and most suitable suiting statement far superior in appearance and shape to common stitching. It is an impressive style statement meant to give you a great sense of progressive individuality.

Personalized Tags, Monograms and Color Preferences    


There are suit ideas, styles, cuts that we hold o dearly and cut perfect vibes with our dress values. It is these statements coupled with custom Bangkok tailors professional opinion that makes it a competent and lasting impression on your admirers and stature.

Stitch with Difference, Stitch with Purpose

When a custom suit wearer comes to the Bangkok tailors they come for that statement that underlines their exuberant attitude and professionalism. Therefore custom stitched suits assure and reflect the true tone for wearing them. Each custom suits illustrates tailors eye for detail and professionalism.

How to Choose the Best Fabrics at Best Bangkok Tailors

Depending on the nature of clothing one is trying or intends to stitch or make, there are bound to be thousands of brands or qualities to choose from the best custom suits tailor Bangkok. And this compounds a lot of issues like which one best meets my needs and budget, which one is appropriate for the kind of clothing you are making especially like custom suits, shirts, skirts or blouses.

These few details iron out some fundamentals in quality fabric choice to make lasting impressions that are high on impeccable grade of appearance and style.

Factors in Making Stylish and Quality Fabric Choice at Custom Tailors          

In multitude of fabric options in budget range and preferred color choices these references make desired image projection.

Drape and Texture


The way the fabric shapes and easily forms around the wearer’s body shape as well as how it feels are important to make that lasting impression. Drape is always great especially in stitch of custom suits as that is the soul and spirit of impeccable dress credentials.

Color Richness, Consistency and Contrast

Color has always been a decisive factor in choosing a great fabric. There are color tones that look great on different skin tones. This is true especially of loud and dark tones. How they attribute or contrast to ones skin tone is primary and important too.    

Purpose or Use of Clothing or Garment


The use or purpose for which the clothing is being stitched is always important as it makes it more attractive and impeccable. The dress is good as long as it reflects the spirit for which it’s stitched.

Design, Pattern and Style on the Fabric Spread

There are lots of designs and styles that are inherently part of the fabrics dress personality and style. It makes the potential suit get that awesome appropriate look and proper trend character.

Affordability, Budget and Cost

Some fabrics may cost too much and still not bring that sparkle of brilliance and panache. It is good to choose with a sense of top elegance and style in mind within cost and planed budget.



What is the Essence of Elegance in Your Bangkok Tailor Custom Gown?

For most women’s dressers shopping at most affordable Bangkok custom tailor, the desire and the need to look fabulously exotic in the long spreads of the pleasant cloths and fabrics is overwhelming. This is the essence of elegance and the definitive passion to dress well for the purpose of making that all consuming dress sense impression.

But what is the essence of the elegance especially when shopping for the exquisite spreads of Bangkok custom tailor gowns with their eloquent sense of design and appeal?

Essences that Contribute to Elegance in Stylish Ceremonial Gowns   

Fabrics Elasticity and Quality


Gowns cut across as the ceremonial and once in a while dress for the objective of making a decent style impression and dress sense. They are well spread in length and will always meet the desire and passion of the wearer’s sense of self projection and the ceremony standard dress code. They are simply feminine and elegant.

Design Nuances and the Fitting Flatter Aspects of Wearer
gown2Elegance cannot be achieved in a Bangkok tailor gown unless it brings out the wearers true self dimension with exquisitely body hugging and illustrating outlines. They are exceptionally well designed to add character and shape to personality.

Style, Design and Accessorizing Possibility for Style Symmetry

When a stylish gown is elegantly well designed and put together it reflects a certain trait of style format that becomes easier to finish or accessorize. There are several ways to make it more reasonable gorgeous and appealing with the right tone, color and finishing.

Color Tone and Other Embellishments

To get the right appeal and effect of one’s dress code, looks or way of appearance there is a need to know what works best and what doesn’t. Appropriate color tones are always important aspects especially for elegance in Bangkok custom tailor gowns.







Does Number of Buttons on Custom Coat Sleeves Mean Anything?

For most Bangkok best custom tailors style rules and correct sartorial etiquettes are ever brought to question and the search and debate as to what makes sense and is rightly accepted. Yet at the slightest misstep, inferred and subjective rules come into play. So does the number of buttons on different coat sleeves mean anything? And what is the appropriate number to have for each coat sleeve to make that enviable dress statement come alive with impeccable sartorial credentials.

What is the appropriate way to make suits look impeccably immaculate with all fitting attributes and style mannerisms followed? These basic yet important ways make your custom suit coat look so distinctive and professional to the dot.

Appropriate and Stylish Custom Coat Button Rules

Though not established norms hundred percent, there are distinctive ways to tell the appropriateness of the number of buttons to have on a custom coat and why.

Custom Suit Coat Buttons


The rules for custom suit coat is mostly emphasizing a credible four button formal style attribute with distinctive fitting attributes. It’s mostly on working sleeves that these buttons find resonant tone of impeccable formality

Dinner / Tuxedo Coat Buttons


A relaxed formality that exudes pure sense of exquisite styling is largely laidback on either three or four button formality that provides the lesser stance of power packed strutting yet still formal enough for a good look. The caped button look is great for difference yet still looking great and appropriate.

Blazer Buttons


Blazers sleeve buttons strike semi formal attire and remain sensibly attractive even a four or three buttons stance but the color factor of the buttons brings a contrasting and finishing look. They are classical and exuberant in an understated lesser formal dress.

Sports Coat Buttons

They are strictly sporty and have all the liberty to dress down though retaining the general rule of coat design. The dress sense of the wearer comes alive with creative ministration to make unique look and attraction.

It’s clear coat sleeve buttons make difference!!!

How to Choose Stylish Summer Dress Designs and Raise Your Style?

For Bangkok tailors most women fashionista’s dressing comes naturally with as many choices when shopping at BTS Nana. But when you make an attempt to look really cool stylish it makes you feel like choosing the best in-style dress styles and designs. Yet in a multitude of options it calls for that pragmatic choice to get that perfect summer look that is the envy of most onlookers.

There are exceptional ways to start your stylish look this summer with these basic guidelines push up your style quotient effortlessly with lasting and visible signs. Let’s see how you can get inspired by dress designs this summer.

Ways to Inspire Summer Friendly Dress Wardrobe High on Stylishness

Choose Season Favorite Colors and Fabrics

women -2

For women’s dresses the first thing that always comes to mind is getting the right fabric and color. Some are very much preferred whereas others are sublime and understated. Colors and fabrics are inseparable by virtue of prefect styling creed.

Make Dress Choices Ensemble Friendly, Rhyme Easy to Mix and Match

A great dress style will always speak volumes on the wearer’s sense of choosing the right color tones and matching rhymes. There are effects like the clutches, bags, wrist watches and add-ons that make dresses truly look compelling and phenomenal.

Make Shades Either Flatter or Agree with Skin Tone and Persona

gown for women

Some dressers will prefer neutral or loud tones of color but having color tones rhyme your skin tone is amazing way to speak about your true innate sense of dress and style.

Fitting and Personality Flattering Dresses are Simply Superior

Bangkok Tailor custom women’s dresses have remarkable fitting quality that enhances women’s appearance and style. This is a vital component to making summer comfortable and stylish.

Choose Accessories that Expound on Your Summer Dress Style

Most women dressers like simple yet sophisticated and easy to carry accessories for the perfect summer look. Accessories are a completing factor that bring oodles of class and refinement to your custom made dress.

Let the season bloom!!!


Stylish Attributes of Best Bangkok Custom Tailor Shirts

For the best Bangkok custom suit tailors, a custom suit shirt isn’t just about the extensive span of special suits fabrics and measurements but also includes the wholesome custom tailor suit look down to the last detail of best accompanying accessories. That why a question always arises to the each wearer, Do you take time to study and observe the essential appeal, character and look of your tailor made custom shirts disposition, appearance and styling? Chances are that each shirt embodies a certain character ad style truly communicating the wearer’s inner sense of wear and dress.

So what makes up the best attributes to the most accomplished and well styled suit shirt styled by the renown of Bangkok tailors when shopping at central Bangkok? Some attributes are standard while others capture the stylish and accomplished awe of Bangkok tailor stitching and design.

Outstanding Features of Well-Stitched Bangkok Tailor Made Shirts

Formalization of Standard Shirt Cuff Size and Sleeve Length

A gaping cuff and overly long sleeve can be ruining factors to well conceptualized, designed and stitched custom suits. That’s why getting the right size and correct instantly is always a good design feature. These two are always visible parts to a suits look.

Perfect Shoulder and Back Shirt Look for Good Design Parameters  

Custom tailored shirts always capture the formal build and the contours of the wearers look without compromising on any subtlety at dignified stance. It makes sense to have shirts well coordinated in double stitch for better back look and shoulder stance.

Collar Orientation and Shirt Front Façade Design.









A well stitched custom shirt collar draws such inspiration and points to the good sense of wearers as it matches your neck proportions beautifully. It neither lags nor sags but gives comfortable room for movement and adjustment. Similarly, the button placket is a continuation of that amazing design marvel with great button holes and precise sizing.

Best Custom Suit Styles While Celebrating Thailand New Year – Songkran!!!!

The Thailand New Year affectionately known as Songkran is a moment of great jubilation for the people of Thailand. It marks divine cleansing, new beginning, fresh starts and most quality Bangkok custom suits tailors or new clothing always find a new way in the hearts and wardrobes of  style conscious dressers and fashionistas. It’s an expression of good fortune and jubilation as people step out in happiness in their best custom suit styles or clothing.  30231177-01_big

The Songkran water festival lauds Lord Buddha as the divine guardian deity of Thailand with auspicious blessings. There are many ways and things Thailand people do and observe in the esteemed new year celebrations.

Esteemed Things that Depict the Thailand New Year Celebrations                      

Sprinkling  of Water


A symbol of divine cleansing and fresh starts with a special emphasis that it emphasizes love and universal unity. This has a special appeal  that people pour out into the streets to enjoy the seasonal shift and are merry  while celebrating with joy and fervor.

Special Prayers and Temple Visits

It’s always auspicious and symbol of divine obedience to visit the Buddha Temples and offer special prayers for the blessings and well being.

Wearing New Custom Suits, Dresses and Clothes

A blessed way to express the new year start and as well as to thank the Lord Buddha continued blessings and prosperity is wearing new clothes. They symbolize fresh start and new beginning. Best Bangkok tailors experience a remarkable trend in people wearing fitting and custom made clothes fit for the auspicious occasion like; custom made suits, trendy dresses, colorful attires and clothes.

Blessing the Buddhist Monks and Giving Alms

It’s also a special season of sharing by giving to monks who preside over prayers in temples and with the less fortunate to ensure a balanced society.

Toms Fashion Customer Reviews

After being in the arena of custom tailoring for ages, we’ve succeeded to earn quite a name all around the world for our immaculate tailoring service. Besides, our work ethic, friendly and co-operative behavior of the staff, stand by quality has gained us countless enthusiasts over the years.

Treating the customers with timeless pieces, such as suits, shirts, pants, skirts, blouses, has always been the motivation behind our work. And it won’t be wrong to say that our efforts have reaped good results and your positive words are the testimony for the same. Big thank you for acknowledging our hard work!

Fruitful First Visit

Never tried custom tailoring before? Well, give us a shot and we promise to give best results for showing faith in our tailoring services. And certainly, there is no going back for you, as our service ascertains your numerous next visits.

Spreading smiles

Nothing makes a man happy than a well-fit suit and this is what you see here. At Tom’s Fashion, we ensure ideal detailing and perfect fit of the creations, thus the wearer is bound to be satisfied with the overall fit, which had actually made him opt for bespoke tailoring at the first place.

Visit us once and there is no looking back

At Tom’s Fashion, we make customers for lifetime, thus provide great service during all your visits, ensuring you leave our store fully convinced every time.  Needless to mention, you always come back.

…and they keep coming back

Offering best-fit custom tailoring in Bangkok, our creations cast such a spell on the customers that they leave our store feeling happy and great to get a finished suit and look forward to keep visiting us many times in future.

Not only they keep visiting but cajole others to give us a try too…

We make our customers so content and delighted that they literally swear by the great service and best tailors, who helped them in having the pleasure of wearing comfortable yet refined creation. They happily recommend us to their friends, family, co-workers and many others.

So keep visiting and stay delighted!!!

Important Custom Suit Stitch Terms when Taking the First Affable Step at Good Fittings

For the most accomplished and best Bangkok visiting tailor the most mundane tasks in custom suit making are a serious attempt at repackaging identity and character. The custom suit speaks a lot about the wearer’s common daily life routines or dress sense. That’s why there’s more to a custom suit than what meets the eye. The seam, cut, sharpness and crispness of the fabric, lapel orientation, perfect drape and as many other characteristics of the custom suits look.

Therefore the common terms assume an important place in deciding to get a good and perfect suit. These technical custom suit tailor terms give a glimpse on how to make decisive statement when choosing the best fabric and stitching the right suit.

Terms to Ensure Your Suit Measurements and Fittings are Perfect.

Draft – the draft to any garment (i.e. coat, pant, dress or any clothing) is the sketch plan any garment.

Seam – this is the fine line of stitching threads running across different fabrics stretch and span to create a coherent design.     

Baste – rough and unfinished copy of the original dress to be made. It lays the foundation for adjustments and further fittings.  

Made to Measure – this is the suit or clothing made to fit specific body measurements and fittings of the wearer.

Inner Lining or Interlining - piece of cloth that is placed between the inside layer and outer layer for warmth and shaping.

Bespoke – this is stitching of custom fitting suits and clothing by hand and specifically for the individual wearer’s disposition and measurements. They are handmade for an exquisite look and statement.

Canvas – a piece of cloth made from either flax, cotton, hemp or jute that gives perfect shape to suits and improves drape quality.

There are several other custom suit stitching terms that make having a suit more enjoyable and easy. It helps when one wearer educates and self informs about his / her basics when shopping at BTS Nana.


Why Take Custom Suit Measurements and Fittings with Best Bangkok Visiting Tailor?

Best Bangkok visiting tailor custom made suits are perfect expression of individuality in dress and design while shopping at central Bangkok. They combine flair, precision and expertise of the tailors quality skills and experience. But, it all begins with the skillful rendering in taking the first positive steps in suit construction which is correct and precise custom suit measurements.
There are specific benefits like getting the feel of the tailors expertise and stitching jargon right, understanding the way suits are made, collecting vital information to stitching a true personalized suit, knowing client preferences and work place settings, professional and personal linkage of wearers working atmosphere and many other uncountable advantages. Remember; a true custom built suit revolves around just one single identity and personality; you the wearer. These are good thinks to keep in mind with Bangkok tailors.

Best Benefits of Getting Fittings and Measurements Right with Bangkok Visiting Tailor

Getting Best Customized Suits with Personality Paradigm


Custom suit’s to some may just be pieces of clothing but with Bangkok’s best visiting tailors it’s a statement of personality and classical dressing options. Therefore, it should speak eloquently your dress preferences in the most flattering and endorsing fittings.

Knowing Your Standard Measurements and Keeping Records

photo 39

The moment measurements are taken it’s the beginning of a pleasant association that should ensure in future if the wearer decides to make an order some basic fitting information exists to build upon. This makes minor adjustments and limited room for error in your custom suit orders.

Professional and Personal Linkage with Wearers Dress

photo 19    

When you dress for the work place it speaks volumes on your presence and choice of garb. Similarly, when you dress for parties & invitations it should evoke some sentiment of admiration and praise on your choice of dress and fitting wardrobe.

Knowing Suit Stitch Jargon, Nuances and Design Aspects

Every custom suit may impress to unpracticed and uneducated eye but to keen fashionista’s and wearers, every detail matters and is critical in building the right image and status. Knowing these details helps to make the right choices and appropriate design options.   

Affordability, Convenience and Faster Stitching and Delivery

Visiting tailors fly across the globe just to ensure clients get the ultimate and classic feel of convenience in ordering suits and other customized dresses and clothing. It’s fast, affordable, convenient and makes a personalized interaction with client more amiable. That’s the best start to stitching best looking suits and a long partnership of professionalism.

That’s why there is always something extra appealing and fashionable about exclusive custom tailor in Bangkok suits and personalized dress designs.