Have You Discovered Latest Nuances in Bangkok Tailor Spring Dress Designs?

As the season shifts from the cold and extreme of winter to delightful spring /summer custom tailor dresses find more take while shopping at central Bangkok. Dresses are a woman’s most graceful and flattering aspect of dress as much as being the season’s best way to appear decent, stylish and above all on top of the latest fashion game and style nuances. Bangkok tailor dress styles give ample room to experiment with the most appropriate and comfortable look that will take you to the best look of the season.

Since, a lot goes into making the custom dress look more affable and worthwhile there are basics t o pick up from on your way to exalted dress glory like fabric color, breathability, texture and feel, suitable fabric and dress designs. All I all these points are the best way an enviable look of the season with Bangkok tailors.

Essential Ways to Rock Your Style in Spring / Summer Dress Designs

Eloquent and Versatile Spring Pastels, Pinks and Florescent in Hoop and V-Neck 


Cut to fit these custom dresses have multiple personality appeal of relaxed casual, stylish and professional customized fitting. It presents the best wearable fabrics that are decent, comfortable and durable. What’s more interesting there are also more style options to jazz up your spring and summer wardrobe.

Fitting Attributes to Single Shoulder, Strapped and Bare Shoulder


Breathable fabrics and colors in exquisitely designed and fitting dresses can add a very fashion forward look even as the loud colors like yellow, floral, ice blue and bright purple tones may fit the bill. The more sedate and professional look retains decorum yet with an eloquent and impeccable dress designs. These are ultimate spring and summer cool dress designs.

Premium and Long Lasting Breathable Fabrics in Soft Feel and Texture 


In custom dresses, breathability and longevity is very essential for worry free and comfortable dressing. They suit almost all occasions and retain a sense of cleanliness, crispness and freshness almost all day. Make definitive dress statements this spring.

Toms Fashion Customer Reviews

There is no better feeling for a tailor than having their customers overwhelmed and feel superlative after wearing his creations. In fact, that’s the best kind of reward for him to see, his customers gleaming with intense joy and look every bit of debonair.

We’ve always tried our best to make your shopping at Central Bangkok for the custom tailored clothing unforgettable and your love for us is the validation that we’re doing pretty well and we thrive to serve you with the best with each passing day. So, today we’re celebrating with you all, the precious treasure, that’s the positive customer reviews we received from you all in the month of February.

Pearls of Praise:

Indeed the great workmanship sets us apart but beyond that it’s our impeccable and friendly service that leaves a lasting impression on the visitors, who just can’t resist placing as many orders, and ultimately they take extreme pride in wearing the creations.



Ours is a name which everyone around Bangkok swears by when it comes to offering finest and best bespoke tailoring services and that’s the reason that everyone recommends Tom’s Fashion when it comes to friendly, professional and timely services in the world of custom tailoring.



Custom tailoring is preferred for the immaculate fit it offers and thus we are very thorough while taking the measurements and the customizations are done as needed. We’ve an engaging staff that gets along well with the customers and helps them in zeroing upon the style desired by them.  In fact, once the proper measurements have been taken by them, they save it with them so that next time order can be placed directly via email.

Seeing your Happy faces, makes us happy too…

The glee is much visible in the eyes of our customers and that’s the beauty of being in this business as we get the fortunate chance to make you all smile with joy.

Perfect detailing

Salient attention is given during the making of the suit thus you get overall admirable look as well as immense comfort, inside and outside, as the fabric used by us is of premium quality.

Suave professional look

Our customers are extremely glad to garner the eyeballs for good reasons, of course, at their workplace. Smartly dressed people have enviable personality and give vibes that they are serious of the profession they are in.

We’re just super delighted for the feedback and look to offer you lovely experience next time as well.







Do You Know the Best Bangkok Custom Tailor Welcome Attributes?

The smallest things in any tailoring endeavor at the best Bangkok custom tailor matter just as the small details about clients likes, preferences and life skills (profession) also count. Its alike an attempt at repacking an item in the most pleasant and appealing, personalized custom look. And most times, these things work together for good in evincing and showing the wearer in the most fine, fitting and presentable Bangkok tailor custom suit.

These are a few things that most professional and best Bangkok custom tailor do (forgive the slight intrusion on privacy) but it all works out well to cut your true personalized fitting custom suit after all appearance matters in all work and professional domains.

Tentative Steps in Selection, Choice, Fitting Design and Style with Best Bangkok Tailors

Warm, Courteous and Friendly Customer Welcome

Most seem like a common courtesy but actually open doors to a frank interpretation of your favorite likes and dislikes, your postures and stances, talk and sense of dress.

Good Fabric and Materials Survey in the Collection

There are several collections and types of materials in the showrooms that attempting an easy choice without professional chaperon may be quite hard and long drawn out. It takes some rounds in the best fabrics and colors and purpose for suits to arrive at that true depiction of your own custom style, fit and only fit for you.

Design, Styles and Stitching Selection

More than anything a suits shape, pattern and design take concrete shape from the level of incredible choices in styling options and designs. It’s the small details that make it even lovelier as it depicts the wearer’s true likes and preferences.

Fitting, Measurements and Patterns the Lend Concrete Custom Suit Design

There is more to the visits to these outlets and shops as the talk veers off to what fittings make you swagger and look dapper. Since it’s a window to your innate character making some definite fittings ensures you delight in your second skin.

These are just few statements when visiting your favorite Bangkok custom tailors that make a pleasant journey to dapper impeccability.

Happy to Receive Outstanding Customer Feedback

It takes a great tailor and great skills to mount the client’s exceedingly high, varied needs and expectations. Each time when customers step in for a great experience of shopping at central Bangkok there is an overflow of satisfaction and joy to be seen adorning your yards of exquisitely stitched fabrics in form of the Bangkok tailor custom suit.

There is also always a reaffirmation in skills when a client’s expectations are reached and served to the best possible limit and level of finesse and professionalism. This marks the difference between a mere custom suit and the next best level in impeccable personalized suit stitch level at Bangkok tailors.

A Few Substantive Expressions and Parameters that Highlight our Clients Immutable Trust and Loyalty

 Tailor is Excellent from start to Finish

The periods and gaps in between fabric selection to finished suit matter too just as reviewing the great work already done. As the saying good beginnings are the base for good endings. Every step matters.

Very satisfied with the Service and Result

These are exceptionally courageous words spoken out of truly move and touched client who acknowledges the professional conduct and its service.

A Nice Experience

The small but pleasant experience awaiting you at the best custom tailors only takes you through unforgettable experience.

Great Suit, Professional and Fully Satisfied

An acceptance and endorsement that this is the best place to stitch your custom tailored suits.

Great Service and Workmanship

This a tremendous affirmation of impeccable quality stitch of a custom tailored suit but also accepting the level of handling the client with an amazing sense of understanding each and every one of their needs and expectations.

Great Job Despite the Very Short Time

It may not necessary take a full month wait when professional tailors handle the clients work with finesse and excellence.

Great custom tailored suits at the best Bangkok tailors starts with a nice welcome, client’s needs, great service, impeccable or unmatched excellence and ends with lots of compliments from the forever satisfied and grateful customers.

Why Graphic and Colorful Ties are Still Great Custom Style?

Most custom ties express fashion in a louder essence and manner than any other Bangkok tailor custom dress aspect. They draw attention, bring style fullness, reveal subtle hints of wearer dress sense and magnify personality. It doesn’t matter whatever stature one has yet when good ties are worn, they are epitome symbols of dress excellence.

Most custom ties express fashion in a louder essence and manner than any other Bangkok tailor custom dress aspect. They draw attention, bring style fullness, reveal subtle hints of wearer dress sense and magnify personality. It doesn’t matter whatever stature one has yet when good ties are worn, they are epitome symbols of dress excellence.

Now, for many shopping at central Bangkok this is evident in the rhyming influence ties hold on their appearance. But, what makes this short or long strip of graphic and colorful fabric so influential? Why do these graphic custom style ties impact a dress so much?

Elements that Make these Graphic Design Ties So Stylish

To each graphic tie design there is a perfect nuance or element which accords it the right statement and style. These are illustrated in manner to which they bring groove, rhythm and completeness. Among others they are;

Mutual Completion to Dress Shirt Design and Fabric Colors

When a tie stands by itself it may look so mighty fetching and alluring (attractive). But what defines its true magical attraction is the way it adds an extra dimension to custom shirts deigns and fabric color. Its texture, flow, symmetrical look, shapes and designs on its facades are all good parts of aligning with the shirts look and design.

Rhythm and Completeness to Pocket Linings and Squares

Even just looking at the background of the suits shade and color one definitive aspect is the extra addition or complement to pocket squares and linings. They mutually find an alternate sway with colors and shades that aren’t too opposed and contrary.

Graphics Ties are Retro, Dynamic and Fusion Friendly

There is always room for fusion, mixing and matching of various colors for a great wardrobe sense. These are therefore good way to start any new approach to great dressing and  appearance. They fuse effortlessly with various shades and colors to make brand new look and style.

Stylish graphic design ties always add a new look to the overall Bangkok tailor custom suit appearance.

What’s Important When Looking for the Best Dinner or Wedding Suits?

Weddings are special moments for the brides and bridegrooms to be shopping at BTS Nana, as special occasions celebrating union of two people in special bond of marriage. And so, the customary Bangkok custom tailor dinner or wedding clothing must be apt for the occasion. But, there is tendency to feel that all wedding and dinner suits are actually alike to the fashion uninitiated. Well, not exactly!! In fact, not all wedding or dinner suits are similar at all. Be it lapels, collars, buttoning and matching essentials. They are either extremely unique or just customized to meet individual fits, sizes, tastes, seasons and a whole lot of other parameters.

Dinners and weddings though tend to have invited guests in their best finery. There is always one hallmark on each wearer’s appearance and look. So, what’s primarily important when looking for that essential wedding and dinner suit look that adds a touch of class and charisma?

Charismatic Design Features of Good Wedding and Dinner Suits

Wedding and Diner suits exude quite suave and urbane features that leave an impressive essence of appeal and smartness. These are dual elements of appeal;

Lapel Identity and Design Appeal of Wedding and Dinner Suits

Every diner or wedding suit has the remarkable resonance in the most attractive and focus generating lapels. Infact, the suits true essence revolves around this simple but fundamental part of suit. Dual tone, shawl, peak, notched the lapels tells a lot about the wearers passionate dress sense and right use at different occasions.

Distinctive Suits Pocket Lining, Ties and Bow Ties