Do you Know Functional and Impressive Side to Modern Custom Suits?

There are many versatile designs and styles to the Bangkok tailor suits overall personality, that apart from adding credo they are epitome marks of excellence. Unlike the ancient styles in bespoke today’s styles and designs come with a deeper sense of functionality. Any shopping at BTS Nana cannot go without a comprehensive note to what makes your suit special and functional.

Lapel Buttonholes


Adorning a custom suit without the principal mark of bespoke today is quiet ordinary especially when this styling is more than affordable today. Lapel buttonholes apart from creative elegance are a status symbol of perfection, styling, class and fine taste. They hold that lapel pin, monogram or special badge that adds effect and appeal.

Sleeve buttonholes


Functional sleeve buttonholes debuted on bespoke coats mostly in the early part of the past century. Providing an attractive and enticing option to open sleeves to allow for comfort in extremes of weather vagaries or to accentuate the creative taste and preferences of the designers, the functional importance of working sleeves also adds a stylish definition to the suit. Today functional sleeve buttonholes on custom tailored suits are a mark of comprehensive styling and exquisite design as they define the suits essence of bespoke.



Formed in the single or double vent style to a bespoke suits construction they add special relevance and functionality not just for strides but for the ease of pocket access, stride and movement and they are vital while sitting down or standing up.

Ticket Pockets


The English nobility epitomized this as a sign of class and affluence and it caught on as a sign of high-end class stitching (custom or bespoke tailoring) bringing life and character to the suits overall look. It is a classical English tradition known as the change pocket that carried some extra change in the rail road journeys or for convenience in small bits of documents. Today, it’s more less the debit or credit card pocket.

Importantly style it to your preferences and tastes.


Modern Types of the Women’s Power Suit

A lot written is about the appearance and acceptance of the women’s power suits as tools of modern feminine assertiveness and emancipation. Women’s suits generally have had mixed bag of history from drab, loose and voluptuous 18th century styles and designs of convenience) to the superbly fitting styles seen today. As more women joined the workforce from home and farm chores to the main stream workplace definitive dress styles took a new look of assertive dressing. Apart from the need for comfort, chic fit and convenience San Francisco custom tailor marvels the power suits show women in more professional light.

Single Breasted Single Button Women’s

The office environment can get at times drab and uninteresting for the common routine of basic official wear and uniforms. The single breast single button power suit adds a touch of high-end precise fitting, notch or shawl lapels, pocket less or with pockets, stylish cutting, curvy and suppressed waistlines and great doses of modern outlook for working woman of today.

Single Breast Two Button Power Suit

The uniquely personalized suits, precise fittings and tastes of these power suits emphasize possibility of women to appear dapper and feminine as well. Carrying some elegant details like extra ticket pocket on the right side from male designs they are custom tailored with special reference to the precise fitting, slant flap pockets, notch lapels, suppressed waists and built to excel in style and overall craft.

Band / Straight Collar Four Button Power Suits

The epitome appeal of these suits is their seemless and dual application whether for strictly formal adaptation or the necessary informal party attendance. They are timeless and characterize flamboyant feminine dressing. Band collars, single breast, precise length, suppressed waistline and stylish grace adds to its characteristic charm.

 Waist Belt / Two Button Single Breast Power Suit