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What Makes Dress Shirt Cuffs Important and Affect Appearance?

For most travelling custom tailors in Washington DC, dress shirts miniscule design detail’s are as imperative and important as their overall look. Yes, a lot is written and said about passionate aspects like cuffs, collars and buttons yet perhaps looking at the subtle and visible areas like the dress shirt cuffs is important. Why? One may ask are the small and indeed at times invisible parts of dress shirts given so much high attention.

Beginning or starting from shirt construction and design to their overall fitting the cuffs are always given due importance for a number of plausible style reasons.

Amazing and Special Style Attributes of Dress Shirt Cuffs



Add Style Credit to Dress Shirts – essentially they draw the shirts arm to touch with skin at the wrists. But they are also the quintessential style meter for dress shirts. A custom suit doesn’t seem complete with these stylish credits.

Cufflinks are Eternal Style Favorites – there is always something unique about the attraction and the elegance of the shirt rhyming cufflinks. Besides adding attraction and grace they are very stylish and grand.

Custom Suits Derive Higher Classical Elegance and Taste – absolutely true that a suit stands on its own merit of fine fabrics, great fit and fine stitch. Yet the classical and elegant formal appeal of the double cuffs is great testimony of passionate dress shirt cuff craft.

Epitome of Originality and Formality – depending on the disposition of the wearer well designed cuffs define the style disposition of dress shirts. Whether it’s a formal function that calls for sharp dressing, a boardroom meeting that needs good quality stitch features or a courtroom duel with the law, there is no limit to expressing the grand scale of expressive dressing.
In short, small features like cuffs are the center of attraction adding to the definitive aura your image needs.

Single Vs Double Breasted Suits

For most men buying proper fitting custom tailored suits overrides any other consideration at any cost. However, there are also desirable qualities like the design and style of the suit that also hold equal value and relevance often. The suit’s stance or appearance is another factor that given high importance and makes significant impact on choices and preferences. Whether single breast or double breast the appearance suits confer on the wearers is given high regard. Today, with so much knowledge and information about suits through the multiple channels like the internet, television or news magazines and newspapers the clients are aware of the latest fashionable trends and most men seek the best flattering styles that enhance their personality.

Overall, therefore the issue of single or double breast is also important. Depending on what image one seeks to portray to the world. While shopping at BTS Nana and looking at some suit styles, appearance and the best place they are applied there are some favorable points to note on the most suitable of the suit styles.

Prominent Areas of Difference and Comparison


Peak Lapels v/s Notch Lapels – the peak lapel has often been attached with attention seeking or commanding posture just as well as the military suit does whereas the notch lapel has captured the relaxed elegance quite well.

Single Row v/s Double Row Buttons – the single breast suits single row of buttons in (1, 2 or 3) design is a timeless classic and original blaze of avant-garde unlike the military suit inspired double of buttons that equally brings a special appeal and charm of its own. There is however where most of these attributes are bridged with close cut fitting suits across the board of style.

Pleats v/s Flat Front Pants – for most traditional and conservative suits like the double breast pants have and always carry pleats that lend that heavy set look as for the single breast suits especially the modern look styles and designs fitted to individual sizes and measurements the fluency in body ‘sculpted’ is the new rage.

Buying Guide for Great Fitting Suits

Buying a custom made fitting suit was once a pricey affair and for many men and women greatly in need of better fitting suits regarded this as the trappings of the rich or affluent. However, just like Motown (liberated vehicle industry) of the 1960’s or some time ago the slates seem to have shifted and now these desirable and admirable pieces of clothing are accessible with a touch of San Francisco tailors. There is an exuberant passion to dress well all around and the deep knowledge of styles, designs and fabric properties perhaps even the constant bombardment of latest designer collections from all media channels form an aspiration mindset. But conjecture and wishful thinking aside, there is a resurgence of great styling and suiting both for men and women driven by Thailand tailor passionate crafts and ambition to create and provide quality suits.

It’s not hard anymore to access better and superior custom tailor services in San Francisco as of now it’s a matter of choice and preference. The mass choice has quality quotient of reliable service. Although there is still need to know precisely what kind of suits better bring out your image and personality.

tailors in San Francisco
Basic Inputs for Best Custom Made Fitting Suits

Every man or woman attaches some specifics to his or her styling needs but generally these are;

Standard and Better Waist Suppression – this creates a silhouette of the wearer’s size and body shape fitting. It’s also a better way to make out a designer suit that the average copycats impressions.

Shoulders, Chest and Sleeves – where it matters most suits must be well proportioned according to body height, shape and size. One thing is clear size in all areas is important.

Size, Measurements and Fine Stitching Work – most custom suits are largely handmade which requires delicate sewing of areas like buttonholes, lapels and others.

Why Stylish Custom Fits are the New Rage

Stylish fittings and measurements are tastes of how much you love dressing up in good comfortable clothes. For quite some time the art of crafting bespoke was well known as an English contribution to enduring fashion. Whereas any Bangkok tailor can now lay claim to the title with equal élan there are some that make it more of a passion, an obsession with high-end quality fitting suits. Something that you may find with the custom tailors in New York is an unabridged passion for the right fit as you give a swagger to your appearance. There is always an exhilarating feeling dressing in that perfect combo of well designed and matched suits.

Dormeuili, Scabal, Zegna, Loro Piana, Valentino and Garavani may be uncommon to a new suit enthusiast but to passionate bespoke fan these are some of the most attested fabric mills that lend that pomp and awe.

Subjective Passion of Perfect Fitting

suits for men

Great Stylish Suits

Custom suits are individual efforts at style statements and leanings. It comes in one tone of affirming your personal dressing traits, color preferences, even to the miniature but significant and comprehensive look of your character. Great stylish suits define your inner persona.

Custom Measurements

There can never be 100% carbon copy of two individuals measurements save by a very thin margin of probability. These measurements are the best way to look at the client even in absence and craft the best fitting guide of their look. Custom measurements are therefore a statistical impressions giving due direction to your style preferences.

Impressive Body Statements

Custom suits already accomplish much by way of their disposition and character. Stepping in for a radical shift of personality (in style terms) can be the beginning of unleashing the full hidden potential.

The Accolades Boulevard

Well that may be an overstatement but a great appearance doesn’t get to pass without pleasant endorsements and appreciation. That’s one factor to aim for the moon than just reach for the clouds.
With custom tailor New York suits ‘The sky is the limit’

Do You Still Find it Hard Getting Fitting Suits?

Traditional or Conservative, American or British, Contemporary and Modern suits all exemplify different character traits. However, there are basic parameters along which a suit is designed and brought to existence. Collars, lapels, pockets, vents, seam and stitch work are all elemental yet significant parts that create the whole flair we see in suits. This way of designing and making suits defines suits fitting attributes and final look.

Although modern there is influence from fashion catwalks, magazines, television and internet, suits still have flaws even outright ill fit. It’s not possible one size can fit all. They are either large or oversize armholes, sagging or extended collars, baggy suits or ill fitting look and many other points of concern. The question is; Do you still find it hard getting proper fitting suits? That makes shopping at BTS Nana for the best Bangkok custom tailors suits relevant and handy.


Why the Need For a Custom Tailored Suits?

Image Projection and Enhancement – Always the need for one to project the right image and profession is resonant even in their way of dressing. A tailored suit reflects and gives a positive sentiment and impression about you to the world.

Unquestionable Quality and Finish – apart from a few adjustments (if at all any) there is bound to be the right quality suit that specifically defines and gives a sartorial fillip to your dress and look – a custom made look.

Ways to Finding Perfect Fitting Custom Suits

Make Sure Fittings are Precise – Like quality fabrics original and exact fittings are the first or most important factor around which these suits will revolve and eventually give you a perfect fitting suit.

Ensure Fittings at Least Twice – Even in after the initial measurements there is a follow up to ensure any loopholes are taken care of immediately.

Get an Expert Tailor – experience and knowledge of tailoring a good suit can only be with good tailors.A fitting suit is always visible and it shows on the wearer’s disposition and mood.

Types of Men’s Trousers

The word trouser denotes a two legged piece of clothing extending from the waist to the ankles. It covers a vast portion of the midriff in well proportioned fitting and designs. Trousers have been used for many centuries by both sexes for both casual, formal and other tasks like gardening and tending the flocks. Over the centuries this mercurial piece of clothing has undergone tremendous innovation and styling to come to what it embodies and looks today.

There are many types of trousers all depending on the individual tastes and preferences of the wearer. From flat fronts, pleats, bell bottoms, chinos, Khakis or cargos and jeans. But prominently among the formal wear today there are majorly two or three trouser designs that are applied to the fashion scene today.

Varying Trouser Designs

Flat Front Trousers

Trousers for mens

Choosing a flat front is modern choice that most lean men and mid size frame go for to highlight their fashion taste and attributes. Given its well fitting from waist to the ankles it tends to flatter slightly leaner and taller people better. A fitting can still be done for all sizes as its relaxed and easy wear look attracts most men to it. With a custom built coat it would surely show a better way to wear a suit in bespoke. Flat fronts are just the current rage ranging in all colors and designs as the wearer deems it appropriate though modesty calls to stick to the basics.

 Pleat Trousers

They have been around for some time and have this roomier feel and look due to the folds of cloth just below the waistline. They should prove effective and great for heavier size adding a touch of grace and style with neat pleats from waist to cuffs. They are a baggier look compared to flat fronts yet each wearer feels better inclined to choose what suits and makes them comfortable.

Chinos, Khakis, Corduroys and Jeans

Though they are not exactly in the realm of formal wear but they add a versatile touch to excessive use of formal wear. They are still a go to for a change and adapting to different environments by bringing their own sartorial strengths to the stylish wardrobe.

Benefits of Bespoke Tailor Experience

Bespoke or custom made suits are an example of patient but committed tailoring that delivers results of true body shape fitting suits. They are custom made to fit a particular wearer.

In many seasoned bespoke central Bangkok custom suit tailors acknowledge the intensity and the committed passion it takes to create all that engrossing creativity we see in their sublime craft of great looking classic suits. There are many nuances that once revisited quiet often open up the engaging nature of the custom tailors work.

Advantages of Stepping into Bespoke Tailor Chambers
bespoke tailor Bangkok
Body shape

Many body sizes and shapes vary in subtle but important areas which need a little attention for true meaning of bespoke tailoring. It gives these areas the perfect shape for body fitting suits.

Paper Cut Patterns

They offer radar like incentive and guidance to the designer for the personalized look that you look for. They give a future repository for minor adjustment in case of any new suit order or custom made garment order.

Re-fit and Re-adjustment

Good fitting clothes may take a little extra of patient checking and rechecking the size fits. These routines gain some amount of confidence to the buyer of trustworthy commitment and services.

Inspiring Professional Tailor Ambience

Trust and perfection that guarantee good work are things that cannot be made overnight. They are the object of relentless pursuits for excellence and finesse reflected in return clients and even recommendations.

Custom Cutting and Body Measurement

There is an interesting humdrum routine of tapes, scribbles, notepads and variety of fabrics. This setting also enable for room for precise cutting methods and measurement avoiding fabric wastage or damage.

Replication or Duplication and Change  

Reality is that, sometimes one may still have suits he / she admires and feel they would look great on him / her. Recreating that for you in as close it can get can best be entrusted to the maverick of creative and inspiring custom tailor hands. It can also be a feasible major or minor change in design flaw or inconsistency and easily alterable by visiting custom tailors.

Custom Trousers – Pleats versus Flat Fronts

For many central Bangkok tailors, men’s custom trousers often project the personality traits and the fashion linear of the discerning wearers. The variation in pockets, fly size and design and choice of well placed and designed loops (slim, medium and wide) go a long way to define trousers exquisite look. Be it single, double, triple, quad and reverse pleats trousers catch and match the statistical look of the wearer.

Flat fronts classically in dress, casual, chinos, khakis and cargos offer a more modern look with fitting look. They are retro and emancipated fashion style that have held fort since the fashion revolution of 1950-1960. They are not built-in loose fashion like pleats as they reflect the wearer’s fitting measurements and near perfection of his body and visage in appearance.   They use many styles pockets ranging from flap pockets, slanted pockets, slit pockets, cargo pockets, straight pockets, zip pockets and sometimes patch pockets. There are many differences and advantages for either trouser format and they offer various fashion benefits.

Mens  Trousers

Differences and Advantages of Pleats and Flat Fronts

1. pleats tend to be and look more baggy and roomier than flat fronts which are designed to fit and hug the body of the wearer.

2. there is extra congregated cloth around the waist and mid thigh as cloth is folded to create pleats while flat fronts give an exact interpretation of wearers fitting with symmetrical (proportioned) lining and designing.

3.flat fronts make for much more comfortable and modern example of great fashion styling like chinos, khakis and dress pants while the pleats will be more of semi casual or formal wear depicting limited versatility or adaptability.

4.there is a tendency to say pleats look better on heavy and pot bellied many while flat fronts exaggerate and compliment the slimmer and thinner men.

Either way, pleats or flat fronts there is always appropriate choice to make at some of the best BTS Nana Bangkok fashion tailors.

Why a Custom Suit is Always the Best Fashion Statement?

Custom suits are always a man’s best refuge and trust in a fashion ‘crisis’. There is something more to custom suits than the mere perfect stitch and great accessorizing.  For central Bangkok tailors there is a certain munificence or benevolence that renders creating the exact and crisp look for a client.

Every man needs a suit; every businessman needs a suit and especially; specially tailored suit. There are suits that craft the best image enhancement exercise to its best level.

Why Custom Suits Make all the Difference? 

Top tailors in Bangkok

Personalized Sense of Style

In Bangkok, you can stitch a suit from anywhere at any time and most probably at the variable rates, but there are central Bangkok tailors that will enhance your typical sartorial endeavor and bring a character defining look that best suits and defines you. That is called a personalized sense of style.

Ultimate Definitive Dressing

We dress differently and therefore the things we admire and appreciate differ even up to the minimal but significant habits and traits. In most cases that translates into a pattern that affects our overall outlook on certain things. Style is in essence finds resonance in life and habits. A suits look in many ways and how you carry it epitomizes and reflects you.

Refinement and Reinvention

Talk about finding a new voice, a new approach or outlook on life the custom made suits elegance fits a new way to self presentation and image. The tailors irony and work that beautifully redefines the statistical data in the form of measurements and fits. This is a new and refined person of some stature.

Garner the Accolade and Attention

In any case dressing well is a wholesome, positive and healthy aspiration ensuring you are marked out for praise and good compliments. Custom suits may after all be the trump card in your wardrobe that identifies you for your passionate and great sense of style. The suits are meant for your physique specifically and it beautifully shows.