Custom Suit Fabrics

Many custom brands of fabrics are fairly well known if not standard bar for any handmade suit. Fabrics in quality wool, linen, cotton, corduroy, silk, cashmeres, French gabardines, flannels and tweeds in superfine and high quality range custom suits will turn out with high refinement and finesse. Famous brands like Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil, Zegna, Scabal, Loro Piana and many others bring unique complements to a variety of custom suit features.

Sometimes, clients may go by high sounding names and are not aware of quality or value of the fabrics. The best mills will often turn out fabrics with exceptional standards and refined manufacturing processes. However, outstanding custom fabrics give an impressive insight into what makes these fabrics of superfine and high-grade quality.

Superfine and Worsted Wool

Wool has been preferred for a variety of reasons over many years. It has high breathing capacity, its spun from quality wool fibers, its durable, comfortable and strong, doesn’t crease easily like linen or cotton. Its best complement is perhaps breathability even in excessively hot and humid climates. Wool can be in various grades and refinement from super 100’s, 120’s, 150’s, 180’s, and 200’s indicate there is consistent process for refinement of the wool fabric to better quality and grade.


Cotton is always the staple and preferred fabrics especially for custom shirts. The natural fiber fabric has some of the best qualities like absorbency, comfort, lightweight, versatility cool soft fabric for hot seasons and durability make it an appealing option in custom suit fabrics. With different variety of quality and ply this fabric brings to life true character in amazing shirt design.


Silk is an amazingly soft texture and look fabric derived from silk worm cocoons. The fabrics natural properties give it an iridescent sheen and glow, soft to touch and draping with an amazing ease.


The second cousin to wool it reflects superior weaves and texture and mostly applied for warmer wear clothes. Flannel blends from cotton, linen and wool give stylish glow to bygone eras when it was in fashion.


Exceptional soft quality, lightweight, high moisture content and the durability factor make cashmere a warm wear fabric. Its soft and supple feeling renders the fabric similar quality like wool.

Choosing from a wide range of high grade and superior weave and fine fabrics will make any handmade suit look truly exceptional and exotic.

Thailand Songkran Festival- Thai New Year

Songkran Festival – New Year Festival starts on April 12-15 and best captures Thailand’s values and traditions. Highlighting the central and prime focus that steers its cultural identity and spiritual beliefs. Thailand New Year comes filled with and inspired by much devotion, fanfare, celebration and hope. It attracts large numbers of foreign and local visitors in the April summer season.

Songkran Festival

Buddha’s Inspirational guidance and protection for a deeply spiritual country is celebrated all over Thailand. Sprinkling of water on each other as symbol of cleansing and renewal. Washing of Buddha statues and cleaning homes as well as giving alms are symbolic devotion acts for Thailand people. Songkran involves one and all uniting the social fabric of society.

Songkran Festival

New Year Festivals are public holiday’s which ensure grand participation. Thailand is equally known for good fabrics and celebrated for good fashion products. Songkran New Year festival ensures custom tailors like Toms Fashion stores close out of reverence and respect for Thai culture and spiritual traditions.

Trendy Summer Suits

There are many reasons perhaps to welcome and feel excited or ‘sunny’ about things summer- light fabric wear and clothing, bright warm sunny mornings, morning walks, juicy fruits, pool swims and dips add a lot more fun. But what weigh’s on each mind is comfortable wear and less perspiration to while away the hours even as the mercury soars. Summer suit fabrics are therefore primary for any great suit or clothing in the peak of hot weather. A couple of fine fiber fabrics combine the essential need for comfort and stylish wear.

Principal Breathable Summer Suit Fabrics
Bangkok Tailors

Wool is principal warm condition fabric but with a range of fabric engineering wool has blended to offer options in the heat of summer. A natural fiber that has high absorption moisture ability, wrinkle free, comfortable and versatile in a range of fabric weaves. Its look brings creative and distinguished bearing on the custom tailored suits.


Cotton from the natural process of growth enables making of good quality fabrics. Being soft to touch, cool, breathable and absorbent this fabrics renders fabrics exceptional comfort level of comfort. Although it crumples and wrinkles faster its positive attributes are far outweighed by the need to feel cool and calm and comfortable on a hot and sunny day. Principal pattern twills, weaves, spins and loops give cotton a variety of fabric use.


Linen is a product made of flax seed with a natural wax content that lends the fabrics a natural luster and shine. The fabrics principal quality of breathability, absorbent, cool and reflect heat gives it prime usage in hot seasons. Like cotton it wrinkles faster but compensates with glowing sheen, smooth and fine to touch, strong fiber weave and twice as durable as cotton.


Silk may have some comfortable and breathable properties as cotton or linen but it’s a naturally derived fiber from cocoons – natural living organisms. The primary properties and benefits of silk are breathability, absorbency, soft and draping. A soft shimmering hue and shinning look gives it permanent look of laundering.

Thai New Year Festival – Songkran April 13-15, 2014.

Many societies celebrate the essence of their existence and being. These are the traditions that have been passed from generations before and further highlight the exact nature of these societies i.e. culture and beliefs. Traditions are like the beacon and bedrock to base and build upon for stronger identity.

Songkran festival is symbolic of Thailand traditions and spiritual beliefs. New Years evoke celebrations of transition from one life stage to another. The cleansing and renewal from past wrongs and starting afresh with new proclivity. Water is considered a symbol for cleansing and rebirth in Thai culture. There are other aspects to this culturally diverse and rich heritage that drive a perfect reason for celebrations.

Bangkok tailors penchant for making exquisitely tailored suits that celebrate the sartorial match of suiting up. This treasure has all that great wearer’s desire. Great suits offer a number of benefits and rewards yet for Thailand tailor’s reputation making the most dapper suits in the world comes as a passionate invocation.

Essential Songkran Festival Sites
Elephants spray water at tourists in celebration of the Songkran water festival in Thailand's Ayutthaya province
Bangkok, Thailand

The capital city of Thailand kingdom celebrates the New Year with a high pitch of verve. This has made it a strong rallying point for tourism in the New Year celebrations. Sprinkling of water on old and each other as cleansing symbol, visiting Buddha temples and washing Buddha statues, giving alms are primary rituals.

Chiang Mai, Songkran
In northern Thailand, there are fervent as well as spiritual engagements for the festival of Songkran – Celebrating the essence of traditions and cultural beliefs. The reverence for Buddha gives central focus and has often given the festival a serene and calm affair of joyful jubilation.

Phuket, Songkran
Being Thailand’s largest island and like all great traditions some will evoke stronger sentiment for their passion and attachment. They enthuse and drive a certain positively infectious spirit of joyful fun and indulgence. These are all habitual to a great and passionate spirit to make joy of life – celebrate.

Pattaya Songkran

There are as many places that celebrate the new festival longer and later. For this does not take away its significance and importance in the presence of customs and beliefs.

There are as many places to celebrate the new year festival. Although it’s fairly wet time (Songkran festival) and hot time to think of handmade suits, this festival time avails perfect opportunity to engage the excellence of Thailand tailor custom fit suit that’s a bench mark for sartorial finesse.

Bespoke Pantsuits and Overcoats

Nothing flatters, perhaps appropriately more definitive and complementing as a great suit – a great pantsuit or skirt suit in bespoke women’s wear. There are many pantsuit and skirt suit designs and fabrics driving demand, versatility and flexibility in wear options. Women wear options are as much a classic area for discussion and engagement. Given to being quite dynamic and changing, often women’s wear offers lots of flexibility to experiment; cuts, fabrics, accessories, highlights, fabrics and textures, color combinations and much more creative space.

Thailand tailor pantsuits, skirt suits, dresses, pants, blouses, gowns and overcoats are design ensembles for women’s bespoke fashion and personalized tailoring. Fabric textures add a lot of character and comfort. There are quite common style traditions that best compliment women stylishly.

Women’s Styles and Fashion

Single Double Breast Pantsuits

The stylish look of women’s pantsuits gives immense sartorial image makeover for the woman’s look. Pantsuit sense of gentle yet authoritative, stylish finish add grand complement to feminine looks. Major points on this pantsuit that highlight its classical appeal are the; single breast pantsuit (1, 2, 3 button range), double breast pantsuit (4, 6 button range), peak or notched lapel (broad, medium or slim), single vent or no vent, 4 button sleeve, slant flap pockets and slit flat pockets, waist or hip length finish.

Skirt Suits
Bangkok tailors
Skirt suits are unique in their own right but perhaps reinforce more the feminine look while highlighting tasteful fashion choices. With variety of fabrics and broad range of finishing accessories skirt suits are elegant and finely fitted for varied but precise client measurements. Elegant features of skirt suits are; single double breast coat, broad collar lapels, peak or notched lapels, 4 button sleeve, precise fitting skirt.


Feminine elegance attains deeper expression with single cut dresses from high quality fabric with trademark workmanship. Dresses tend to be convenient for warmth, ethereal hugging presence of continuity in quality fabric and styling. They enhance flow, theme and better comfort while walking. Salient features of bespoke dresses are; precise cuts and finish, form enhancing design, colour coordinated for fluent fashion styles.


Flow, draping and continuity in gowns best add stylishness to specially tailored gowns. There are many fabrics that carry gown designs better. Gowns features are; fluency and flamboyance, feminine contours, measured and precise fitting, elegant accessories like lace, trim, embroidery etc.


Desire to cover modesty goes beyond basic appearance. Overcoats are stylish outward dress for men and women adding statement to appearance. Variety for women features include; single or double breast, broad shawl, peak or notch lapels, hip or below knee and full length, broad and wide collars.

Blouses, Pants and Skirts

For tailors in Thailand, options away from complete suits that are stylish and comfortable in specially tailored women’s wear are; blouses, skirts or pants in precise fit enhance elegant dressing. Comfortable for any day wear and easily fit any occasion for style statements and true quality; modern design, easy stylish wear, comfort and enhanced flexibility.

Songkran Thailand Splash 2014

Festivals define cultures. Festivals expound culture and are the best way to celebrate the significance of cultural boundaries. Songkran festival is dimunitive of the Thai warmth and the highest level of engagement with the outside world. It’s the new year in Thai traditions; Buddhist tradition preceding many centuries of observance and cultural enrichment. Its origins are traced back to ancient ways or traditions of the ancestors to worship and wash the Buddha statues and seek blessings at the start of a new year.

It’s also about the way people gather together to have fun in the sweltering moths of April when it’s quite hot. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the new year celebrations according to the Thai calendar.
Attached with the festival is also the way the Thais pay respect to elders and the Buddha, revered as the enlightener and guide.

Aspects of the Songkran
songkran festival Bangkok
Songkran is an ancient festival for the reverence of the Buddha. Its celebrated at the start of the Thai new calendar year;

-Washing of the Buddha Statue as mark of reverence and respect and invoke blessings for the new year.

-Giving of gifts and blessings to the monks who preside over spiritual ceremonies in the temples.

-Cleaning of homes and places of dwelling at the start of the new year considered auspicious to open new channels of blessings.

-Pouring of water in palms of elders to seek their blessings.

-Giving of alms

-Visiting temples and engaging in some of the activities that take place.

Songkran festival also brings to mind the character and nature of dress one would naturally chose for the occasion. Being an occasion for wetting and soaking mild summer attire can be considered appropriate.

Thailand is famous for great and revered Thailand tailor bespoke suits, in this season it would be appropriate in the confines of the tailor’s fitting chamber or hotel room.

Custom Suits and Custom Accessories


Handmade custom suits are exquisitely tailored pieces of admirable clothing. For the passionate wearer though they are ultimate steps to unique exclusive looks. There are occasions to flaunt, show off that new addition to one’s sartorial elegance and positive step in self portrayal. They render an exact look, image and sheer appeal of custom crafted design.

Many Thailand tailors however, make subtle difference to custom accessories that will epitomize classic designs and crafts. These accessories do highlight and reinforce the elegant finesse of true handmade suits.

Aspects like handmade buttonhole finishing, hand sewn sleeves and collars, classic and stylish lapel emphasis, matched linings and buttons, embroidered initials inside coats, trouser reinforcement or padding and gripper waistbands add pleasure to wear.

Custom Accessories
photo 38
They enable suits acquire distinct personality even for the tag unique for their individualistic taste and finesse. Different accessories portray varied image and purpose.


The most significant ensemble of the accessories is perhaps the tie. Even from the point of being a slim piece of cloth a lot rides on it; character, profession, image projection, status. Ties in many shades, tones and fabrics will give a lot of insight on the wearer’s true preferences, attitude and profession.

Bow Ties

They most likely go with tuxedo or relaxed formal dinner suit. Bow ties significantly enhance the appeal and the relaxed ambience of the diner engagement  or party.

Cuff Links

Binding shirt cuffs together and giving resemblance of orderly formality cufflinks do add power of presence and wearer’s stature. They lift formal appeal of well designed custom suit.

Tie Pins

The object of tie pins is to hold ties in place and prevent frequent moving up and own. Tie pins can be rallying points for the perfect suit ensemble.

Lapel Pins

They bring attention to the wearer attitude and disposition from time to time. They can be variety of shapes, designs and sizes but lift the appeal factor a notch higher.

Pocket Squares

They accentuate the ties color or bring harmony in color coordination. Pocket squares too are major statements that redeem or propel the suits look.

The binding harmony of custom suits can be the craft and the finesse of well co-ordinate custom accessories.

Hand-Made, Stitched or Tailored Suits

There’s always clamor about the authenticity of exquisitely elegant looking custom wear suits. These often proceed from the view that it’s only hand-made suits that can truly capture the ethereal appeal and beauty of bespoke suits. A variety of materials, styles and just as many tailors sing their own anthem at genuine quality and being the best there can ever be of supposed custom built suits.

For Thailand tailors, discerning and informed wearer’s it goes way beyond the aesthetics. That’s why it is very important and should be priority to know your custom tailor well. What’s the basic difference between custom handmade, Stitched and Tailored suits?

Important Points on Custom Suits

Advancement in fabric and cloth making technology has transformed the entire appearance of custom suits. However, there are essential elements for each suit that cannot be wished away.

Hand-Made Suits
custom tailor in Bangkok
A delicate process of putting together fabric with each piece finely cut and shaped to meet the specifications of the measurements of wearers dimension builds a correct and right fitting suit from top to bottom. There are subtle elements like buttonhole finishing, lapel emphasis and monogram details that will present the true handmade suits classic definitive aura.

Stitched Suits

Thread, needle and machine stitched suits bear resemblance to handmade suits except for often times irregular shaping or oversize fitting to allow future adjustment in some areas like cuffs and hems. Needle paths though small cannot be unmistakable at close quarters. Basic can be areas of difference; precise fitting, lighter inner lining and emphasis on certain fits.

Tailored Suits

Whereas tailored suits can be got also from local tailor shop all suits can be considered tailored except the level of professional finesse and excellence brought to bear. A custom made suits level of excellence and precise fitting will mark the major difference. Tailored suits can have excessive and numerous shortcomings as compared to custom handmade suits.

Essential quality of any perfect Bangkok tailor suit will highlight the way it shows the wearers attitude, stature and his body measurements-The harmony of handmade and passionate skill.

Grand Custom Appeal

Bespoke suits cannot be designed with two people in mind as they show and translate the fit and measurements of a single person.  For the best tailors of Thailand it’s translating and interpreting these numbers into objects with grand custom appeal. It’s like a story narration on pieces of fabric and shaping the denouement into an admirable quality tale expressed in fine clothing. Essentially, they have the hallmark impression of the master tailors touch, crafting a suit ensemble with delicate nimble fingers of experience.

Great Custom Suits – Symphony Fits and Patterns

photo 19
Bespoke suits are well conceptualized from the drafting and drawing table to the finished end product. like a great story the plot, build up, climax and summary must reflect a great story tellers passion and commitment. A few critical areas are;

Measurements and Cut

Any custom made suit aspires to be the epitome of a breakaway tradition, creative fashion and styling, a benchmark and a radical redefinition of design and practical exact measurements and cuts. With proper and exact fits there is useful and appreciable look on the wearer’s appearance.

Body Posture

When one walks the body stretches according to contours and strides taken. The exact body posture study helps bring forth custom suit fits that are a symphony fit of the wearer posture from whichever angle perceivable. Body posture can tell when and where to put emphasis in suit construction.

Sketched Patterns and Custom Cutting

The desire for perfection and passion for the craft of fitting suits helps Bangkok tailors sketch as many patterns to ensure the custom cut renders the desired result. Sketches mark the contours and stitch patterns of the suit for the best possible fit and design.

A set of things makes the finesse and the passion of a Bangkok tailor suit stand out in finely designed wear.

Custom Suits Inspirations

There is a lot hanging on a person’s first impression. Today’s demands of positive self projection everyone wants to look presentable and refined. Bangkok tailor custom made suits are respected in quality men’s tailoring as well as suits with superior fabrics, superb quality and provide complete wardrobe planning service according to your business, career or even social circles.

Thailand tailor suits define and fit the body type and posture, personality and not only give confidence boost wearing them, but also improve style sense in ideal and suitable atmosphere. However, there are significant and important steps to make the suit or shirt of your dreams. After all, important investments are worthy of important guidance to make them worthwhile.

Significant Steps to Custom Suits

Reputable Custom Tailor

There is always a tendency to listen to friends, colleagues or family member’s advice. These seem practical and might refer you to a reputed and trustworthy custom tailor. However, ask and cross check with customer review sites, online reputations sites for better guidance.

Fabrics and Textiles  

Good fabrics bring out true custom suit character. Get clear description of the fabrics to be used for your suit and their exact costs.

Duration Required  

Time to be taken to actualize your custom suit is important. Verify if the item is already made or you have to have to wait for it and for how much time.

Experienced Dealer  

Experience counts for more than rubies. Ensure the dealer has experience in the fabrics industry.

Measurements and Fittings 
photo 39
Take all the required measurements to make sure your suit is a perfect fit. It’s vital to maintain open lines of communication at all phases of your suit’s manufacture.

Handwork on Garments

The embroidery, delicate and intricate fabric detailing, monograms, accessory enhancement and the special effects to make it look personal and definitive should be evaluated.

Fashion Designs

Two button or three button, Single breasted or double breasted. All of these details and designs depend on the current trends at the time of your order or procurement.

Alterations Policy  

High quality bespoke tailors will generally alter their own clothes for free (or at a discount rate)

Final Touch

Finally, you have to look appraise everything again. Don’t hesitate to ask for a little amendment after all, you are paying for the custom suit.

With step by step approach your suit should be ready in time for that climb up to a personalized sartorial makeover-Thailand tailor custom suit.